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I think I have a pretty good idea of what each KT member is up to.

- Like Kame's P to JK roadshow is about to happen and he's appearing on all these TV segments.
- And Nakamaru, his drama is almost here so I'm guessing soon he'll be promoting too.
- And Uepi's drama is at it's climax. Though to be honest, I'm not a drama person but for Uepi's sake, I tried...

Yet, I still feel out of sorts.

I don't know if this is good or bad but this just makes me even more aware that, only a group KAT-TUN has my undivided attention (and I'm not talking about the number of members... I just mean KAT-TUN). Like almost anything they do as a group I'll have it on memory lock but individually~ it's not like they're inefficient or anything bad... as a matter or fact, I think they're great for tackling all these solo projects and making a name for themselves and I'm proud and all~ but...

✨I want to watch them tease each other

✨and laugh together

✨and give me their serious look while together talking important business

✨and being total idiots while together

✨and of course, I want them standing sexy next to each other

And no... I still have don't that urge to leave fandom or anything morose like that... something like that is still unthinking... it's just my Monday musing after trying to catch up on all the things I missed out on in the past week or so.

Anyway... new week, new possibilities.

Happy Monday!
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