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eb3e246c-c821-4a1e-be09-523682bc455920110528 Zoomin Saturday
I must've said this a thousand times and I'll say it another thousand...

The 1st thing that attracted me to Kame was his voice (before even seeing his face); and the 2nd thing that got me hooked was his ass~ totally fabulous in all gears...

But the thing that keeps me fan, is the incredible charm of this man!

Happy 29th Birthday, Kamenashi Kazuya 23/02  Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ┌iiii┐

gif (cr)  - idk ><
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(2013.01.13) GoSpo - HRP (2013.01.13)
HE DID IT!!! Kame hit his Home Run and I'm just too happy to write anymore!!!!!♥

Omedetou Kame! kaos-panda28
fr: 2013.01.12 going sports&news
gif(c) ktpopcorn

baseball kame
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[GIF] kameholic - 20120930 击出特大HR的瞬间
Kame is always having fun with the kids happy face2 I'm so glad he volunteered this project *proud of him*

20120930 Going Sports & News - Kame's Home Run Project segment (Miyagi). 
Length: 12:20mins
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 430MB (AVI) :: 204MB (Mp4)
Download: * Change file extension from kmg to avi or mp4 (respectively) after joining
AVI: 2shared 001 I 002 I 003 I 004 I 005  :: Mediafire 001 I 002 I 003 I 004 I 005  
Mp4: 2shared 001 I 002 :: Mediafire 001 I 002
Source/Credit: jane_c0611@weibo
Gif: kameholic

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20120923 GoSpo - weibo @ yoyu223
Kame had fun! and he's totally adorable happy face2

20120923 Going Sports & News - Kame's Home Run Project segment (GIANTS' Celebration). 
Length: 14:58mins
Size: 259MB
Download: 2shared 001 I 002 I 003 :: Mediafire 001 I 002 I 003   *Change file extension from kmg to avi after joining.
Source/Credit: jane_c0611@weibo
Gif: yoyu223@weibo

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(c)和久井-雅和医生 @weibo
Anything cuter than this... these expressions, so perfect on Kame's face... does not exist!
And, it's finally the day for KSDnaY

(c) 和久井-雅和医生 @weibo
From: GoSpo
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[GIF] 20120808 Kame at Tokyo Dome (c)cindy223 - Kame throws the opening pitch to Giants' Sakamoto...
You know you're a fan when your Idol's happiness, is also your happiness ;-)
Look at all this smile... teeth and all showing...
btw, since long ago I've developed a small Kame x Sakamoto fetish... cuteness galore!

20120808 Kame at Tokyo Dome
[GIF] (c)cindy223 - Kame throws the opening pitch to Giants' Sakamoto
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[GIF] 20120808 Kame at Tokyo Dome (c)cindy223 - 2
  Oh I'm such a sucker for baseball Kame >.<

... ...

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:: 20120714 2012 上半期の立役者 おカゲさま Hero Maru (as MC)
:: 20120718 HAWK's Celebration - GoSpo's! Kamenashi Kazuya vs HAWK's Masuda
:: 20120714 Zoomin Saturday - Kame  - Yokai Ningen Bem the Movie
:: 20120722 GoSpo - Kame HR Project

... ...

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the messy hair... the focused eyes... the adorably shaped nose, those sexily pouting lips... sweat... Kame
If only this face could greet me every Monday morning when I step into the office...
I would be a happy girl~

20120428 Going! Sports&News
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:: 20120509 Dramatic Game 1844 - Kame
:: 20120404 Gokigenyou [Legal High promo] Junno
:: 20120528 PON Dramtic Game 1844 - Kame
:: 20120609 Mezamashi [legal high promo] Junno

f-locked in 4days


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20120318 Sekai Maru Mie! DX SP Edition: Taguchi Junnosuke
20120318 Dodesuka: Johnny's Junior Baseball Game [Kame + Koki]
20120318 Johnnys Junior Baseball Tournament: Koki & Kame

20120320 PON: Tanaka Koki
20120320 Hirunandesu: Koki + Kame

This post will remain public.


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Kame guested on various programmes on March 28th, 2012 to promote the MLB Games in which he's the 'Baseball Special Supporter'.

News clips:
20120328 Kamenashi Kazuya: -

- ZIP!

Audio/Radio rip: "SPIRIT" - KAT-TUN


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