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and this! What hasn't this man gotten another solo concert as yet?

WHY WHY WHY???!!!!

Just give me that and I'd forgive everything!

I would probably sell my soul to attend every show.

2017.04 SCP
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These two are more touchy than they were before the hiatus. I was also watching some recent Shuiichi vids over the weekend with Tatsuya guesting and noted Maru being touchy too. Oh man, I need some Kame in the touching mix to complete the orgy bromance ^^

And This! lol ~
boys will be boys XD )KAT-TUN's wildness coming out in Nakamaru hehe

And this clip gives a summary of the JE sports day event but the funny and important bit for me was the last few minutes with Ueda calling out Juri Tanaka as being Koki's brother and Nakamaru's and the crowd's reaction XDit's been 4 years since XD )I suppose this is why Koki made mention of Tokyo Dome the other day.

And as expected, in sports, Ueda is the Boss XD
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I LOL-ed at the way Nakamaru striked his usual pose the same way he would have just before performing a badass KAT-TUN song lol
And really, what's up with this song? )

lol It's all so strange... the dance, the sound, its everything and yet, there's this fun to it XD

And Uepi, I'm so glued on him wearing make-up. Really, SCP can't come soon enough to see this costuming and performance.
Visual Kei would really suit Uepi )Pero-kun!!!!

And I've noticed a trend with Kame... It's either he has nothing going on or he has a bunch of things happening all at once lol This man is all over TV from promoting P to JK and now leading into his new drama. Wonderful World sounds really not my flow BUT... it has this catchiness to it.

「Wonderful World」 )So I was away on holidays for a couple of days and returned to see these hands groping somebody's lower half... I haven't seen the full video but I can spot Kame's short stubby fingers anywhere lol... After all these years, Kame's hands are still lonely XD
Kame's hands are still lonely )
Anyone, when and what programme was this?

Anyway, it's a miracle that man didn't get hard after being fondled by Kame ><"
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I've been thinking this since the first time Kamekichi got injured but, am I the only one who thinks whoever was in charge of special effects makeup needed firing? lol This looks like the untalented me applying blush.

and LOL at Kame doing Daigo's silly rock move )And Nakamaru's drama seems like it will be the crack he's usually involved in lol. I'm looking forward to this madness!

the usual crack )

and just how much more adorable does Nakamaru plan on getting? eh?

too much adorableness! )

lol his reaction to things remains gold!
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Kame's new hair!!!!!
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It's true what they say, where there's smoke, there's fire lol well I guess by now we've all heard/read about Kame and Yamapi's new drama

Though, while many seem to be excited about this KamePi reunion, I really don't care much for it. I'm just glad for more KT work at prime time (Nakamaru's new bangumi is also prime time), since it has the benefit of more spotlight on KAT-TUN's Kamenashi and what it will do for KAT-TUN~ it's like a revamp for Yamapi and KAT-TUN.

Details on the drama~

boku, unmei no hito desu )


Feb. 15th, 2017 11:10 pm
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When HYPHENS read that Nakamaru had a special announcement, the first thing that came to mind was a flashback to 2015 and chains of uneasiness.

So you must know things are bad when even Kame and Tatsuya had the same reaction the moment Nakamaru said he'd an announcement.

And when their reaction and heartfelt gladness when he assured them that they had nothing to worry about and announced his project and asked for advise... guys, KAT-TUN is gold.

Congrats to Nakamaru on being the main MC for his new bangumi (Sekai Roots Tankentai). Kame wasn't joking when on Shuiichi he said Nakamaru was busy. I wonder what places Nakamaru will travel to...? What things he'll do...? What people he'll meet? I want a KAT-TUN trip too XD I wish him all the best!

Happy Valentine's Day 💜

from: 2017.02.14 Kinkyu Namahoso! Nakamaru Yuichi Special
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This video is funny. More KAT-TUN chat and teasing from Kame calling Nakamaru, majissuka lol

When Kame said he and Nakamaru met up a week before (but this video was pre-recorded so 'last week' doesn't necessarily mean last week), made me curious about what kind of work... group work or solo work( this one meaning they met by coincidence)~

Though it was fun watching Kame search for Nakamaru when he saw the Shuiichi staff. Since he had the Shuiichi interview, he thought Nakamaru would be present so he could maybe get a lil 10mins 'KAT-TUN time' with Nakamaru lol. Watching him acting 'angry'  at not seeing Nakamaru had me laughing XD

Then when Kame said he mailed Nakamaru every day but Nakamaru never replied, I laughed since Kame doesn't seem to be that 'mail every day type'... but I was also impressed thinking wow, such member ai XD but as expected, he'd only mailed Nakamaru twice since the start of the year wishing~ "Happy New Year" sent twice lol

It's good they can still play and tease each other even though they haven't had the time to meet up in private. But I think Nakamaru was saying even though he hasn't sent them mails, from the manager he more or less knows what everyone is up to.

Awwww~ I miss these guys!

2017.02.12 Shuiichi~ original tweet
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Tatsuya was all fired up in more ways than one on yesterday's Taiikukai TV XD

And at last, he found someone to shadow with ^^

Though, I don't know what became of that junior after the relays began because as I said, Tatsuya was all fired up yesterday XD

And I totally love his tough love!

In other happenings, this is a pic of him shooting (or waiting) on location for the his drama~ I wonder when JE will make it official?~ or did I miss it?

Just look at him sitting in wait like a BOSS XD

vine; from 2016.12.03 Honoo no Taiikukai TV / vine (c) sai
pic (c) tweet
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Tatsuya is coming out in full abs and sweat tomorrow! Tick Tock TICK TOCK hurry UP Clock!  There's just something about his smile that relaxes me~ like, if he's happy, then I'm happy too XD ~ He sooooo very much is begging for a concert here haha

And I get the feeling we've waited all year for this~ to form some form of skinship with him lol

Though, all in all, I just love watching Tatsuya having fun ^^

Hopefully, I'll be home in time to watch Zeus (Thurs Nov 24!)!!!! It seems to be highly promoted with Sho and Tatsuya together in some mags, so I'm looking forward to LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of half-naked and winning Tatsuya XD

vine 1: 2016.11.19 Ousama no Brunch  & vine 2; Zeus  preview for (2016.11.24)
vine (c) mipomu 1 & 2
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So Ueda was/is in Indonesia?! somewhere around Oct 28? (shows up at about the 45secs mark)

Seems to have been on a sort of graffiti cleanup project team from Japan?

Wow, talk about surprises.

Well, I'm glad he's doing something.

It's good and all for the environment and promotion...?

And not too long ago, he was seen in Shanghai Airport, right? What went on there?

Well all we can do is just wait to see where all this is going.

Us, Potatoes~


(c) youtube
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Long before I'd discovered JunDa, Kame's advances on Nakamaru was always a joy to watch LOL

I even found it funnier when Koki was involved because it was like: Koki was after Kame but Kame was after Nakamaru while Nakamaru was (and still is) forever protecting his chastity lol

And really, who can blame Kame? Nakamaru has a really nice long neck and yum yum collarbones <3

from: SCP (date?)
vine (c) mutsumisan
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This vine clip... everything about it~ but even moreso with the clock going crazy, I think it perfectly captures people's feelings with what's about to come~ it's almost spring.

Buuuuuut on a happier note, the MV is wicked! A link to the short version.

I can't wait for the full version!!!

vine (c) yukari
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Is it safe to say we'll have an awesome MV for 「TRAGEDY」? I think it is ^^

Let the Countdown begin!!!

And happy watching Lord Yamaneko later!

from: 2016.01.22 Zip
(c) harurun
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I'm liking the beat of ♪Tragedy so far!!!  My toes are dancing ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I can't wait for the full song and the video and the performances!

Have you ordered your copies yet? Come on! Rush Rush Get GET!

song preview; 2016.01.02 Hang Out
vid (c) phoenix kt4
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Junno's jump! Done with love for the sake of encouraging Nakamaru even though he was scared as well ^^ Junno is a cute bugger!

And the punishment game for failing at guessing the most rights by the end of the episode!

lol Nakamaru killed me! They look like their mug shots were being taken XD )
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As if the song isn't silly as it is, they've added a choreography and backing singers (lol) And it takes a song about octopuses to get them dancing/rocking in sync!

And then the whole retro vibes of the backing singers~ all dressed in polka dot dresses like back in the 50s. Everyone so engrossed in the silliness makes it all the more fun... and silly XD

And Uepi is ever so proud and ready to sing his "I'm KAT-TUN's Super Idol, Ueda" )
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I haven't watched this SCP episode as yet but~ Junno's birthday bit is~ it's a bitter kind of sweetness. But gosh! I love the teasing sooooo much!!!!

Tatsuya seemed to have gone all out for this celebration.

... like the food )

At this scene, there's even a part with him cleaning the chair Junno would sit in lol like Junno is the King.

... and the mascot )

Junno looks so cute here and even cuter with the way he was interacting with the kid. And just who's that big stuffed toy Santa? handing him balloons?! la~la~la~laaaa

now this... now that must have been wow... I can't wait to watch the vid! )

Tatsuya really seemed to have gone all out. He's so busy trying to make everything perfect. I only see him going this all out when it comes to Junno~ Is he still clingling? or is this really his grand send off?~ As for me, I'm still clinging *bangs head hard*

Who would have imagined Uepi doing this? It must be love )

All this excitement. There's a love there~ a big love for a bandmate

and this pic.

mascot uepi scp 2015.12.16
No matter how long and hard I look at it... I feel sadness. The type of sadness you feel when you know you've done all you could but things still didn't work out... or perhaps it's because things didn't work why you went extra all out to let it be and allow yourself to move on...

Well I'm glad Junno got his surprise birthday celebration. (*´ω`*)♡

FNS needs some chat-about too but I'll leave that for another time! The guys were pretty hot^^

from: 2015.12.16 SCP
pic (c) ponomam
vine vids (c) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
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Friday's episode of Tame Tabi is happiness!!!

So many things make you want to do a group hug with them... the way they are dressed, the lyrics of their Tako song, watching the four of them singing this silly song combined with the way they are dressed and singing while riding a bicycle to how much they are seriously into this bizarre getup *giggle*~ boys will boys ^^

The song starts at about 5:19mins~

It's so catchy that if KAT-TUN released this as a single, I would buy it ^^" A nice person shared the mp3 here

And can I just say how this artwork perfectly captured their personalities?!

Junno all bubbled in happiness, Tatsuya looking all mischievous and cheeky, Kame in his flirting 'I'm-pretty-and-you-can't-resist-me mode', and Nakamaru is all... well being Nakamaru, not high or low tensioned lol

This is all just great *folds myself in happiness*

from: 2015.12.11 Tame Tabi
vid (c) harurun@youtube
artist (c) nori
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Angry John
oh man~ this was me earlier after getting that email that basically said, "GUESS WHAT? YOU WON... Oops not really... but you do get a wallpaper and an online video to make you feel better".

Well not that I expected any luck ><;

Anyway, the wallpaper here; KISSx3 or here

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