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Tokyo Dome 10Ks 3
Just outside the Tokyo Dome, there's a roller coaster. As you walk towards the Dome, you can hear people screaming their lungs out as well as the roller coaster making this thunderous noise~ to any listener it sounded scary but at the same time, folks on the roller coaster were having the time of a lifetime.

It's the thrill.

KAT-TUN Tour "10Ks" in Tokyo Dome: May 01, 2016 @ 6pm, was like a dozen roller coaster rides.

Tokyo Dome 10Ks 2
When some friends told me how different the Tokyo Dome concerts on April 29th & 30th were to Osaka and Nagoya, I could hardly contain my excitement for May 1st ~ I knew what was coming but I couldn't help it (roller coaster) and it didn't disappoint: fire, water, the lighting and explosions... but perhaps the biggest upbeat of all was how KAT-TUN and HYPHENS were on fire.

As usual, I'm writing this report based on my incoherent memory~ so I've added some videos and drawings... and do forgive the typos.

even before the concert started, HYPHENS had their penlights ready and started to chant the KAT-TUN *clap clap* - )

Tokyo Dome 7

WE ARE KAT-TUN! always and forever...
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greatest journey pv 2
I've been meaning to write a fan report for the Osaka 10Ks concert, but then things got busy and are about to get busier. Anyway, nothing much different from Nagoya happened, except the talk segment but one thing I did notice was how quiet Ueda was at times during MC~ Kame and Nakamaru would be chattering non-stop and Ueda would just be there~ eventually, Kame pulled him into the conversation and they started teasing Nakamaru calling him an old man lol (to be fair, it's true, Nakamaru was being a miserable old man) lol

But yeah, his quietness got me thinking~ )

Oh well~ soon everything will fall in place.
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I blinked. I screamed. And then it ended. KAT-TUN should really have a concert every month!

10Ks concert report ~ Nagoya Dome (April 3rd, 2016 @4:00pm)

In which KAT-TUN are pirates and Nakamaru can't tell his uchiwa apart by year because they all look similar (even though he chose them himself) - and then the moment with Ueda laughing while 'blaming' Junno for them showing up 1 member less, and Kame is a narcissist - nothing new lol

This is pretty incoherent. My apology in advance. Also spoiler Alert!

hands held high, everyone loudly shouted, "WE ARE KAT-TUN"! grinning profusely as a heap of gold confetti fall from the sky. )
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One Piece Episode 566
My last fews days have been eventful. Thought I find it unfair that after building up so much excitement for them, that they just came, made me happy then disappeared.

First, it started off with my new love... well not really new, I've been following them around for a while now but more and more, I've realised that I really love the music and acoustic of this band.. yes, the name of the band is People In the Box.

people in the box
And their concert was everything brilliant. From the Tour Title空から降ってくる vol.8 〜正真正銘の全国ツアー!これ以上の全国ツアーってある?ねぇー?ねぇぇぇーーー?編〜 )

and then;

blue eyes
Blue Eyes: Bunkamura~ Cocoon November 2, 2015 @ 18:30

Well Tatsuya was right when he joked about not needing to act much for his role in his butai  『Blue Eyes』.His costume was ordinary... just like an ordinary Japanese Yakuza )

And to finish the excitement... CamuiGakuen

GACKT... well actually, Seito Kaicho (who is GACKT).No joke, this man will be the end of me. )

I feel like November started off great for me. Now, I'm just waiting for KAT-TUN's and Kame's next big announcement. They really have me biting my nails...
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All I'm saying is that;

When Junno had watched the Art Of Life performance, he must have thought Tatsuya to be one sexy and should be almost naked beast ~ for him to have performed the AOL shuffle like that *rolls across the floor*

And apparently, Junno calls his mother, 'My Mother' lol

KAT-TUN 9uarter 2015 - May 9th & May 10th - Tokyo Dome

What else can I say, it was an amazing concert... )
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come here countdown

Kame was like the Energizer bunny – he just kept going and going and going with his hips loose and his crotch having no concept of proper behaviour. He was erotic both nights and yes he messed up a few lines that made the whole dome giggle.

Junno as himself, all bouncy trying his best to wave to everyone in front of him and very calculating, he was… he wore that pair of tight white pants again that just commanded your attention that once you set eyes on those long dancing legs and tight ass, you can’t look away. You could really feel his energy and that he was happy to be with us.

Maru was himself as well. He joked with the crowd quite a bit especially during his beatbox corner. This time he chose a 9 year old (30th) and a 14 year old (31st) which made me wonder if he had spotted them in the crowd beforehand. In both instances, he reprimanded (in a jestingly manner) the mothers for wanting to say the clip insert – the message to KAT-TUN into his beatbox machine thingy ~ and as always, it’s really incredible how skilled he is in mixing tunes with his beatbox. The first message was, "KAT-TUN Daisuki" and the second message "From here on too, 4nin do your best/good luck". Kame followed up at the end of the song that followed replying, "4nin will do their (our) best" ;-)

And Tatsuya was just wild and sadistic. When you see his solo on the DvD then you’ll understand… though I guess you already know this. After the countdown minutes when it’s his turn to give a message, he did the ‘Iriguchi Deguchi, Taguchi desu’ and I was just dying with JunDa feels~…

come Here Countdown Concert 2014-2015 – Kyocera Dome – December 30th and 31st.

Take a read~ )
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2014 come Here tour papapic - Fukuoka - Ueda's solo
"During MC Junno said: It was really scary. I thought he would kill me".
twitterbirdicon (1)here's the full tweet roundup!!!
But shit! too bad it's a manip *cries* but still thankful for the skilled soul who did this JunDa S&M moment!
The 'come Here' look in Junno's eyes happily awaiting his rough up from Uepi! is just... very imaginable ( 〃▽〃)
1454724_643031102408742_115662191_nand Junno in Uepi's stage solo, I feel like I should celebrate with firecrackers

thanks to [ profile] dori_liv for linking me to this pic ^^
pic (c)twitterbirdicon (1) 1004_mp (based on 2014 come Here Tour - Fukuoka - Ueda's AOL solo)
Tweet trans (c)twitterbirdicon (1)marynasuke :-)
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You know how sometimes you wake up knowing you had a good dream but can't remember the dream... you just have this amazing happy feeling? Well, that's how I feel after every KAT-TUN event I've been to! And so with that said, this is more like a flailing post than an actual fan report.

Yokohama Arena: 26 July 2014 @1pm

come Here~ )
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2013 KAT-TUN LIVE - End - KAT-TUN!2014.01.12 shuichi - 1
Today, Shuichi broadcasted Part 2/2  of KAT-TUN's Countdown Concert 2013 (backstage and concert footage), and Part Two was just as jolly and fantastic as Part One.✲ฺ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ✲゚ฺ*:₀

★ 2014.01.12 Shuichi (part 2/2).

Streaming Link Thanks to popo t @ youtube :: pt.1 - pt.2
Download/Streaming Link Thanks to cielblue223 :: here


And now we wait for the announcement of a DVD~☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
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KT 2013 coundown logo
Absolutely NO tweeting or facebooking or weibo-ing or linking back of any kind from any blog/social media to my 'private/personal' LJ. Thank you!

Audio records have been flying around the internet like this one from the Dec. 31st show. Unfortunately (I guess blame technical problems), #s 43 to 52 are missing from1.GIMME LUV


5.Keep the faith
7.Red Sun
19.Real Face
20.Will Be All Right
29.ON & ON
30.FACE to Face
31.Connect & Go
37.White X’mas
40.Love yourself~君が嫌いな君が好き~
51.FIRE and ICE

cr: purin0315kj@twitter via ueda tatsuya and fairies on facebook

But everything else is there including the encore. This link can be found HERE ...and yeah, I guess you are free to take and re-share with the world.

Another recording was also shared by neverendingwonderful Part 1 and Part 2 - the file says 2013.12.31 but I've been told it's the 2013.12.30 show (I haven't listened yet), but it should cover songs missing from the first recording 2013.12.31 link. (the setlist was basically the same).

Happy 2014!
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FANCAMS: CHAIN 2012 TOKYO DOME (2012.04.20-22)

These are all over the internet but I'll post them here again for archival purposes, I suppose. I have some others from different owners that I want post/share as well... some papapics too. But it depends on if I don't mind getting harassed.


Download )
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What: Tomohisa Yamashita’s solo concert tour Super good Super bad

When: 13:00 – 15:00 Sunday, May 8 2011

Where: Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium, Harajuku, Tokyo


Yamapi's Super Good Super Bad Fan Report )

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This too may be old news for some,  but for the newly converted or the late buggers (like myself), this report is as new as it is exciting.... KAT-TUN strikes again!

Read more... )

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