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gackt 1

This man gets more charming and sexier every year.

Gackt - 03 gackt 2

His smile, his voice, and the things he does with his eyes makes GACKT an instant heart-slayer.

And so this year, on his .゚・*43rd birthday.゚・*, I wish for him many more years so he can continue to slay us with his music and his charm and his abs lol

I went to his birthday concerts this weekend and undeniably, this man is all-round perfection (⌒ー⌒).*・゚ .゚・*.

gif (c) ???
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One Piece Episode 566
My last fews days have been eventful. Thought I find it unfair that after building up so much excitement for them, that they just came, made me happy then disappeared.

First, it started off with my new love... well not really new, I've been following them around for a while now but more and more, I've realised that I really love the music and acoustic of this band.. yes, the name of the band is People In the Box.

people in the box
And their concert was everything brilliant. From the Tour Title空から降ってくる vol.8 〜正真正銘の全国ツアー!これ以上の全国ツアーってある?ねぇー?ねぇぇぇーーー?編〜 )

and then;

blue eyes
Blue Eyes: Bunkamura~ Cocoon November 2, 2015 @ 18:30

Well Tatsuya was right when he joked about not needing to act much for his role in his butai  『Blue Eyes』.His costume was ordinary... just like an ordinary Japanese Yakuza )

And to finish the excitement... CamuiGakuen

GACKT... well actually, Seito Kaicho (who is GACKT).No joke, this man will be the end of me. )

I feel like November started off great for me. Now, I'm just waiting for KAT-TUN's and Kame's next big announcement. They really have me biting my nails...
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the things i do for love

Putting aside things already paid for, and this month's single and dvd releases ~

-- Premium tickets for GACKT's Last Visualive = ¥30,000 (still debating ~ to do or not to do?)
-- Regular tickets for GACKT's Last Visualive = ¥8,640 (and I NEED many!)
-- GACKT's new album = ¥18,144
-- GACKT's Platinum Box = ¥9,504


-- KAT-TUN = still a mystery for countdown and anniversary... which makes them all the more dangerous! ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥


happiness is important.
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2015.08.09 GoSpo @气气是饺子大王 - 1 2015.08.09 GoSpo @气气是饺子大王

The shit is happening!!!! GACKT finally announced the dates for his LAST VISUALIVE!!! Feels like I've waited an eternity for this! And I'm not exaggerating how much I needed this tour to happen *rolls away*

And then I actually won a ticket to Ueda's butai in November!!!!! )

And then, there's this gif up toparrow~ I haven't yet seen Sunday's GoSpo to know what's going on with Kame loving up 'Ueda-san' but LOL~ these two are really something frown faceheh

...good shit is happening!

from: 2015.08.09 GoSpo
gif (c) 气气是饺子大王
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CM for Sharp AQUOS Emopa phone
And this man turns 42 yrs. old today.
May all his gorgeousness continue to make my heart beat Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ┌iiii┐

gif (c) pyroyale
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Look at that. This now 41 years old man has just about outshone the sun (●´ω`●)
...and may he be blessed to continue producing more and more beautiful music.

And body-wise, like the richest of wines, this man gets even more savoury with time.

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best of best
Another work of art


Tracklist+Downloads )
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We salute GACKT! the now 40year old proof of heaven ♥________♥
Always appreciating not just for his superb good looks, but also his music, his soul and him being a man of depth and an endless potential.
Happy 40th Birthday GACKT 04/07
You amazingly sexy and talented man! twitterbirdicon (1) Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

gif credit: don't know... not mine >.<
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white lovers
A beautiful man with a beautiful voice ♥

2012.12.19 WHITE LOVERS (Shiawase na Toki) by GACKT (PV)
Length: 5:45mins
Resolution: mkv (1280x720) :: TS (1440x1080)
Size: AVI (146MB) :: TS (228MB)
Download: HQ
MKV: Mediafire :: 2shared
TS: Mediafire :: 2shared 001 I 002 I 003 I Change file extension from km to ts before or after joining
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Well I'm still alive and well again... and apparently just as pervy too...
OMG, I can't stop looking at GACKT's perfect legs and that suspicious bulge between them....
I can see it coming... one day this man will be the end of me~

Happy Monday! (●^o^●)

gif(c) yours? tell me and Thank You :-)
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Because GACKT's perfection must grace my journal (◕‿◕✿)

2012.10.10 Hakuro by GACKT (PV+Track) )
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20121006 Sekaiichi Uketai Jyugyou SP Calligraphy part feat. GACKT, Kame & Nakamaru.
Length: 20:31mins
Resolution: 1440x1080 (HQ)
Size: 1.95G (.TS)
Download: Change file extension from km to ts before or after joining.
TS: MF folder :: 2shared 001 I 002 I 003 I 004 I 005 I 006 I 007 I 008 I 009 I 010 I 011
Source/Credit: ktroom via jane_c0611@weibo

Note: I've converted the file to avi and it's 962MB BUT; the frame size got reduced and is a bit skewed and the file length reads 16;01mins instead but when I had checked it, no scenes were missing and the video HQ quality remains the same. 

Length: 16:31mins
Resolution: 1440x1080 (HQ)
Size: 962MB (.AVI)
Download: MF folder Change file extension from kmg to avi before or after joining.

This took me 14hrs to download from a Chinese server and another 6 to reupload to Mediafire..... do NOT hotlink ! do NOT copy and paste links!
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today is GACKT day... and I'm really not sure if & how I'll survive after staring at this gif.
this gif of GACKT with black hair, wearing a yukata that's exposing his chest; firm & sparkling in glory for me~

breathes in deepy... okay, I'm off to my interveiw... thanks GACKT for giving me the thumbs up

gif(c). snatched from [ profile] sasaki18, thank you *-*


Aug. 6th, 2012 06:57 pm
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The Jack Daniels Japan Facebook - GACKT- 2012.07.30.
Who needs whiskey when GACKT is sitting right there?!
I'm just saying, he looks way more delicious and intoxicating~
*sighs* such perfection (special note of the ass and the chest) makes me happy to be alive!

Source - Jack Daniels Japan
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I almost forgot that [ profile] itz_menos made this for me
- JunDa looking cute and swanky in their solio bandit cafe outfit.
I also forgot to post a bunch of photos from their bandit cafe, I still may or may not post them~
Oh and I dreamt about GACKT lastnight... but about what will remain a secret *giggles* but I'm still smiling XD
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I really don't flail enough about GACKT in this journal since I normally do it on twitter...
but today is special (July 4th):
Happy 39th Birthday GACKT 

Continue being Beautiful and Talented in Mind, Body and Soul...
with your profound & eloquent music... and your heartwarming charisma

GACKT & KAT-TUN are like the best of both my worlds...
So here's KAT-TUN's cover of GACKT's "Wasrenaikara": Mp4 :: Streaming
Original by GACKT from the album "The Sixth Day- Single Collection": Mp3

lol... they  tried >.< <3
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from: 2012.03 JUNNON 

If GACKT get's any sexier than this.... then I swear, I'll explode! Like seriously, the abs, the waistline, the tightly fitted pants and shirt, the funky hair, the stare he always gives whenever he performs and Oh Lord, I can hear the magnificent voice behind it all and the energy in the crowd!
Btw, I really think that 'fountain (waterfall) of youth' in his bedroom is working! 

Why so perfectガクト!?!

(c) GYJ
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... because I just can't resist GACKT when he's on any bangumi~ esp. him and Arashi


* all parts are separate.
* do not hotlink.

* a thank you doesn't cost a thing...
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Barks - YFC in Tokyo Sept 15

Gackt being PERFECT in all the right places 

*sighs in longingness*, what a perfect way to start my Monday....

*sniffles back noseblood*

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It's always fun when Gackt and Arashi meet and this episode was no different! Ohno being Gackt's date was super hilarious!

ENJOY the Ride! )

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