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Ueda jweb - Tatsu-gumi vol 6

"Ueda-kun Ueda-kun! Makoriin!!!!"

That brings me back...
So many memories...

Hmmmm what can I say?

Ueda's reaction/answer~ the way he uses the '...' reads like one of a bitter-sweetness.

When I saw 'makoriin', I suddenly busted out laughing but then it all got bitter remembering what I still miss~ KAT-TUN, Tame Tabi, Junno and JunDa.

Anyway, as time continues to heal, I want Tatsuya under my bed or on top LOL I'm really really really LOVING Tatsuya's updates! Keep it real and coming, BOSS ^^

from: Tatsu-gumi vol 6 (Ueda's Jweb serial)
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greatest journey pv
Since Junno's exit, I've been on this constant to and fro pacing with JunDa. At times I feel it makes sense to keep the memories and move on...  almost like I'm biding my time until everything slowly fades.

But then I got an email a few days ago from someone who's not a registered LJ user ~ but after Junno's announcement she looked him up and that's when she stumbled upon my fics~ and that since then, she has been in love with JunDa and asked me to never stop writing them.

The fact that she's not even on LJ but still took the time to email me about her 'happy' find (JunDa), makes me feel like I can't give up just yet - like I should use these memories and make JunDa last a little longer...

 Anyway, folks without a genuine OTP won't understand this.
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greatest journey pv 2
I've been meaning to write a fan report for the Osaka 10Ks concert, but then things got busy and are about to get busier. Anyway, nothing much different from Nagoya happened, except the talk segment but one thing I did notice was how quiet Ueda was at times during MC~ Kame and Nakamaru would be chattering non-stop and Ueda would just be there~ eventually, Kame pulled him into the conversation and they started teasing Nakamaru calling him an old man lol (to be fair, it's true, Nakamaru was being a miserable old man) lol

But yeah, his quietness got me thinking~ )

Oh well~ soon everything will fall in place.
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Tonight's Music Station appearance/performance caused enough tears for sea level rise. I think I'll need to watch it a few more times to get used to, and eventually get over these feels.

Ueda's tears!!!


And Junno teasing Ueda about crying ~ while it's--- hmmm, I...

I wish Junno hadn't said that~ It's like someone asking you, 'what's the problem?' when the problem is that very someone. It's awkward. And while Ueda laughed *my JunDa beams*, Nakamaru suddenly got serious.

And that's because; those tears aren't just 'crying'.

It's strange... why is it that now everything is finally official and done, that reality seems unreal?

from: 2016.03.25 Music Station
gif (c) [ profile] itz_menos
vine (c) risa and sai
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@松竹梅369_赤西總裁 junno 7@松竹梅369_赤西總裁 junno 8

Good people in the world pokes [ profile] itz_menos posted Junno's 10,000 words Myojo 2016.02 interview ~ check tagumarulove!

From reading, I don't think there's anything new per se... more like hearing it from the horse's mouth. But I'll point out that when people ask me: why KAT-TUN? I always answer with; apart from them being cute, they're real.

And so Junno says;

[...] it'd be weirder if we don't fight. We have not lived with masks on.

So for better or worse, real bond or not, I always found it perfect because for me, they didn't 'hide' from us.

Anyway, this interview;

It's a little like; perhaps I couldn't get their full agreement on this. I've tried to the best of my ability to get this agreement, but in reality it's not that easy... )

So in the end, my feelings are exactly like his family's;

[,,,]everyone in my family, perhaps more than supporting this, they accepted my decision.


Feb. 28th, 2016 01:07 pm
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twitterbirdicon (1)teodanica was great enough to translate Ueda's 1000 character interview (2016.04 Myojo).

Parts 1 . 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10

And what can I say?

Ueda's reaction to Junno's decision to quit is very relatable;

"Anger is definite. That said [...] I can't work up any hate towards him. There are a lot of complex feelings".


"[...] as a KAT-TUN member, I can't say something like, "I'll support you"... however, we are still friends. There will still be other feelings".

So if people want to be angry or sad or supportive or leave fandom or whatever, Hyphens shouldn't be calling other Hyphens stupid or unreasonable and eat each other - because it's only natural for people to have a bunch of complicated feelings.

But anyway, my JunDa heart.... I'm glad knowing this JunDa pairing wasn't just all in my head... and that they're not just friends, but are genuinely close friends!



Indeed, when together~ sakura blooms
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These two really will be my end *____________*

KAT-TUN's performance of ♪Tragedy was really good! Full of energy ^^

What a good way to start the weekend?!~ KAT-TUN all night~ now wait for Tame Tabi (*´ω`*)

from: 2016.02.12 Music Station
vine (c) bonsan
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Junno's jump! Done with love for the sake of encouraging Nakamaru even though he was scared as well ^^ Junno is a cute bugger!

And the punishment game for failing at guessing the most rights by the end of the episode!

lol Nakamaru killed me! They look like their mug shots were being taken XD )
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I haven't watched this SCP episode as yet but~ Junno's birthday bit is~ it's a bitter kind of sweetness. But gosh! I love the teasing sooooo much!!!!

Tatsuya seemed to have gone all out for this celebration.

... like the food )

At this scene, there's even a part with him cleaning the chair Junno would sit in lol like Junno is the King.

... and the mascot )

Junno looks so cute here and even cuter with the way he was interacting with the kid. And just who's that big stuffed toy Santa? handing him balloons?! la~la~la~laaaa

now this... now that must have been wow... I can't wait to watch the vid! )

Tatsuya really seemed to have gone all out. He's so busy trying to make everything perfect. I only see him going this all out when it comes to Junno~ Is he still clingling? or is this really his grand send off?~ As for me, I'm still clinging *bangs head hard*

Who would have imagined Uepi doing this? It must be love )

All this excitement. There's a love there~ a big love for a bandmate

and this pic.

mascot uepi scp 2015.12.16
No matter how long and hard I look at it... I feel sadness. The type of sadness you feel when you know you've done all you could but things still didn't work out... or perhaps it's because things didn't work why you went extra all out to let it be and allow yourself to move on...

Well I'm glad Junno got his surprise birthday celebration. (*´ω`*)♡

FNS needs some chat-about too but I'll leave that for another time! The guys were pretty hot^^

from: 2015.12.16 SCP
pic (c) ponomam
vine vids (c) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
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*grins like a fool* Who could imagine a day with Tatsuya showing Junno some rhythm?!

The things Junno makes him do~

*rolls on the floor*

carada 2
*sighs again* and *wraps myself in a ball*

carada 1
*wraps tighter in a ball* *goes in a corner to weep with feels*

2015.11.27 Tame Tabi
I am ridiculously useless against these two.

Btw, the latest CARADA CM is fantastically hilarious!!!!

(c) gif [ profile] art_of_clarity ~ SCP-2015.11.18
pics from CARADA CM / 2015.11.27 Tame Tabi
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2015.07.15 SCP @梨苏苏 3
No doubt, KAT-TUN will still be KAT-TUN... they'll be a little different but... think of it more like, they're always evolving for better or worse... so far, I think it's been for the better... though in Junno's case, it may neither be better or worse but more like different.

His presence will be missed.

I hope that next month's SCP will have a birthday celebration for him as well, since we all know how much he loves his birthday... he's ever happy and counting down the days to celebrate. I guess he really likes birthdays... he was so happy and fussy popping confetti and lighting the candle for Uepi.

He updated his Hanashi to say he doesn't feel like 30... well understandable considering the timing... but nonetheless, I truly hope he's having a good day... at least for today, I want him to be smiling ;-)

sparkleHappy 30th Birthday, Taguchi Junnosuke sparkle~ ♥Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

gif (c) 梨苏苏 3 / [ profile] art_of_clarity
from: 2015.07.15 / 2015.10.21 Shounen Club Premium
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junda 2
I don't think another world but theirs alone exists~ and so I had the sudden urge to do a quick JunDa spam... well, maybe not sudden since I always have the urge to paint the world in their cherry colour ;-)

We should start with;

Somethings just never change (they really don't)~ like Uepi loving up Junno~
He must find Junno tall, warm and comfortable... the way he hugs his whole body around him like Junno is his free for all *such bliss*

and then;

I really think Junno enjoys being fondled by Uepi. )

And then...

Junno has a strange way of viewing Tatsuya. It's really not normal... and now I'm even more excited just thinking what weird fantasies Junno must be having...

Let's start with;

A Pole Dancer!!! )

He says "thats' so funny" and I say "that's so suspicious" XD

Okay! Let's get some magazine translations in the mix~

When Junno talks about him and Tatsuya, It's warm and fuzzy and tastes of cherry.

When Junno talks about him and Tatsuya, It's warm and fuzzy and tastes of cherry )

I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD after reading this! I don't know, it's like..... well (JunDa bias or not), you must get what I mean~ right?

There's a love there.

And a love was here too - Junno made reference to it in the translation up top; it never fails to make me laugh. I bet Uepi didn't think Junno would trick him like that (lol) They are frigging kids with their innocent teasing ^^

~Laughing a thousand miles~ this Shounen Club Premium ep is love all over!


And I'm head over heels DONE!

thanks peeps ^^ )
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Because what's Uepi is Uepi's and what's Junno's, is also Uepi's.

Then Uepi beats Junno... *giggles* I guess Junno had no more food for him to steal take XD

But then, Junno seems happy (once again) ~ their secret society of S&M...

My OTP continues to be a mystery ;) I haven't yet seen the episode, though!

And I'm slowly dying while waiting...

from: 2015.10.21 Shounen Club Premium
vine (c) miwa_d and mikataso_94
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It's like a high school confession of love... in which the one confessed to will love smile in embarassment... too awkward and too lost for words... That sort of innocent gesture like Tatsuya's above - the 32 years old who still has some childish/teenage innocence at heart.

sparkleHappy 32nd Birthday, Tatsuyasparkle~ ♥Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

Chances are that at 42, he'll look the same. The man just doesn't age.

gif (c) [ profile] itz_menos
from: 20120818 Ousama no brunch

This is hardly a fic... more like~ hmm more like more JunDa ramblings.

Title: 14 questions and 1 answer

Pairing: Junno x Tatsuya;
Summary:  It would seem Junno has only one word in his vocabulary - Uepi.



Let’s pretend. )
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Junda-TameTabi2015.08.28_03 artofclarity
You know... no matter how you look at it...
Is Uepi really angry or annoyed?

I think not! Just read that face~ it's like...

Junda-TameTabi2015.08.28_01 artofclarity

Then Uepi pokes... and Junno wiggles like 'Pillsbury'


So NO! Not angry, not annoyed...
It's like... flirtling 101

2015.08.28 TameTabi
gif (c) [ profile] art_of_clarity
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I just love it when my impossibly annoying days at least end on a happy note! (⌒〜⌒)

14th October, 2014

The KAT-TUN LIVE 2015 "QUARTER" DVDs goodies look good ♪dances♪ and while I would only like to buy one edition... the shuffle with Junno doing AOL is veeeerrrry tempting!

... like chicken soup for the soul ~ I'm vegetarian, though lol

Happy happy Monday! ( • ̀ω•́ )✧
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2015.08.28 Tabe Tame cr. 燈籠章魚2015.08.28 Tabe Tame cr. 燈籠章魚 1
Poking - I like poking. Be it in the ribs, stomach, shoulder or... (use your imagination)

... it's looks good on JunDa.

2015.08.28 Tame Tabe cr. 勝運每天都在等新单的咩酱
The tsundere!Uepi and a DereDere!Junno

Like good cooked food, what's there not to love?!

from: 2015.08.28 Tame Tabi ep.17
gif (c) 燈籠章魚 & 勝運每
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KT_Shuuichi2014.12.21-3_JunDa aimee for me
The way Tatsuya uses Junno as a shield against the splash of water...
I can't tell if he's cruel or just fricking cute (⑉• •⑉)‥♡

Happy Wednesday!

from: 2015.04.15 SCP
gif (c) my fairy godmother
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*giggles* And Tatsuya now has two consecutive episodes of awkwardness ♡♡♡

I haven't seen this ep yet, but I think he and Maru are supposed to protect 'the princess' (ฅ^ω^ฅ)

and then these two!...

Junno & Tatsuya )

... any closer and they'll have to eat each other.

from: 2015.05.20 SCP
vine (c) @1004_mp
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All I'm saying is that;

When Junno had watched the Art Of Life performance, he must have thought Tatsuya to be one sexy and should be almost naked beast ~ for him to have performed the AOL shuffle like that *rolls across the floor*

And apparently, Junno calls his mother, 'My Mother' lol

KAT-TUN 9uarter 2015 - May 9th & May 10th - Tokyo Dome

What else can I say, it was an amazing concert... )

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