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I'm liking the beat of ♪Tragedy so far!!!  My toes are dancing ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I can't wait for the full song and the video and the performances!

Have you ordered your copies yet? Come on! Rush Rush Get GET!

song preview; 2016.01.02 Hang Out
vid (c) phoenix kt4
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A bit of Come Here was played on Junno's Tag Tune Driving and~ ʚෆ⃛ɞ(˘ᵋॢ ˘♡)˚₊·
Somehow, I find it a bit different from KAT-TUN's regular beat but I still like it so far.

Let the countdown begin!
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A lively catchy song^^ I love the blend of their voices - the ups and downs in their lovely harmony... It'll make a good coupling song :-)

The theme song for Dramatic Game 1844:
♪Believe In Myself♪ (full)~ filestorage / youtube
Thx to the folks who recorded it ^^
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HAPPY 8th Debut Anniversary to KAT-TUN.+*:゚+。.☆
It was awesome that they trended both Japan and Worldwide last night ((o(*>ω<*)o))

HYPHENS are amazing ♥

♪Believe In Myself♪ was played during today's GoSpo ♪(*>∀<)★

A sneak preview Thx to purin n: youtube

Can't wait for a performance or a clean play (*≧艸≦)♥
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Finally I can flail about 'Kusabi'!

The song is simply awesome! vocal, rhythm and the lyrics put mystery into what the PV could possibly be. The song is still very much KAT-TUN. So I think we can all be rest assured of what these guys are capable of.

Kusabi (KAT-TUN Gatsuun 2013.10.28) rip

#1 [ profile] serial_translat soundcloud (thanks for thinking about me and sending the link) ^^
#2 machibi223@ youtube

[ profile] arisu_aru on mega (always a darling) ^^

Also, today (October 29, 2013) KAT-TUN recorded their appearance on Monster Live. The episode will be aired on November 17, 2013. Some fanclub members were able to attend and tweeted reports. As expected, they are all encouraging and tearful.

Translation done by [ profile] marynasuke via KAT-TUN is Love

Fans' tweets about the recording )


There's lots of good excitement in the air ^^ 
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best of best
Another work of art


Tracklist+Downloads )
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:: Face to Face full track
:: Face to Face PV
:: FLASH by Junno
:: Face to Face Making Video
:: Face to Face Game Corner

Please support KAT-TUN by purchasing the Face to Face Single if you can.

Download )
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One Piece Episode 566
It's out! "DRAMATIC" by KAT-TUN and I can't stop hitting replay.... wonderful song! beautiful melody... awesome KAT-TUN!heart 1btw, I love Chopper oh-so-MUCH!

20130330 Dramatic ~ KAT-TUN (audio): full
Size: 8.74MB (2 files)
Length: 4:48mins
Resolution: HQ
Download: Mega :: 2shared
Credit: honuism@YT
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2013.02.06 KAT-TUN - EXPOSE Single

Full Tracklist:

Brand New Day
Connect & Go
遙か東の空へ (Haruka Higashi no Sora e) *Incl. in Le 1 folder
Steps to Love

Download: Mediafire Le 1 I Le 2 :: 2shared Le 1 I Le 2
Source/Credit: 通常+初回AB
Password for Le 2: antijpddl


2013.02.06 Expose (PV) - KAT-TUN  )


2013.02.06 Connect & Go (PV) - KAT-TUN )

2013.02.06 Snowflake by Nakamaru Yuichi (PV) ~ solo )
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FINALLY another 'rockish' song! EXPOSE, exposed on Hang Out!

2013.01.12 Hang Out version "EXPOSE" preview
Download (Mp3): Mediafire :: 2shared
Length: 3:00mins & 2:79mins
Source 1: carriemiko@tw
Source 2: mamechibi@yt ---> converted by me

TRACKLIST + Single's Detail )

I'm dying of happiness *tears tears* Now hurry & show me the weapons a.k.a PV, already!~ some skin please ><
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Regular Edition (First Press)

1 - 不滅のスクラム 
2 - Black or White (Tanaka Koki's Solo)

... ...

Regular Edition  )
... ...

Limited Edition )
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Not my TTL sorta music but I think this song is very catchy! makes you wanna sing along... rock a lil bit!

KAT-TUN: Fumetsu no Scrum (preview).
From: 20120813 KAT-TUN のがつーん
Download (MP3) MF :: RS
Credit: Kleon703

I hope those who can afford, will buy it! even one copy makes a difference!
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Artist : KAT-TUN
Title (Single) : TO THE LIMIT
Release Date : 2012.06.27

... ...

Download )
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Kame guested on various programmes on March 28th, 2012 to promote the MLB Games in which he's the 'Baseball Special Supporter'.

News clips:
20120328 Kamenashi Kazuya: -

- ZIP!

Audio/Radio rip: "SPIRIT" - KAT-TUN


Download )
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KAT-TUN promotes 'CHAIN' Album on M-net (Korea).

20120314 KAT-TUN on M-NET
Size: 1.56MB
Download: MF
ripped from jnotas

LoL at Junno <3
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When Amuro Namie revealed her collaboration album concept a couple weeks ago, one of the surprises was the inclusion of Yamashita Tomohisa on a track called, “Unusual“. 

Listen>>>>> ) 
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Tat-chan's music is always so different yet charming and entertaining.... just like Rabbit or Wolf, Neet Man is no different check out the audio.Listen here )s..... Tat-chan's cover photo kawaii desu ne. :)

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