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Maybe we should start worrying when nothing in fandom surprises us anymore.

This is not a rant~ more like closure~ let's take it from the top.

So this brings me to today's discovery... announcement of Junno releasing a single and already set up a fan club... )
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One day, I fell in love with Junno. It was sudden - I was new to fandom and Kame was basically all I was interested in (Kame and Ueda's music) - but then, one day I took my eyes off Kame, and they landed on Junno and this interview. It's a simple interview, and perhaps that's why I after all these years, I still remember what Junno said: - I can relate;

"My ideal love would be one without sadness. In my opinion, number one happiness is to be ordinarily together".

Somehow, from this one line I'd always pictured Junno to be someone who would give-up the world and its riches just so he can go and live a quiet and peaceful life somewhere - in a one bedroom apartment, a hut... anywhere, as long as he's happy.

This is probably why it's not a total surprise that he wants to stop being an idol and or even stay away from the spotlight ~ as long as he can he happy (alone or with company).

And so, as Junno officially leaves us, I feel like I should repost that interview; It's a simple interview, but I love the simplicity and the slice and the life feeling to it~ and on a side note, this interview was used as the backdrop for many of my JunDa slice of life fanfics XD

Popolo 2008/12

“I feel that if you overcome distress, you’ll be able to grow.”

- Not wanting to be sad )

At the time I read this, I remember how I wondered if after 2plus years, if he would still think the same way.

Well, I guess I finally got my answer. I'll truly miss this simple, ordinary, happy man.
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@松竹梅369_赤西總裁 junno 7@松竹梅369_赤西總裁 junno 8

Good people in the world pokes [ profile] itz_menos posted Junno's 10,000 words Myojo 2016.02 interview ~ check tagumarulove!

From reading, I don't think there's anything new per se... more like hearing it from the horse's mouth. But I'll point out that when people ask me: why KAT-TUN? I always answer with; apart from them being cute, they're real.

And so Junno says;

[...] it'd be weirder if we don't fight. We have not lived with masks on.

So for better or worse, real bond or not, I always found it perfect because for me, they didn't 'hide' from us.

Anyway, this interview;

It's a little like; perhaps I couldn't get their full agreement on this. I've tried to the best of my ability to get this agreement, but in reality it's not that easy... )

So in the end, my feelings are exactly like his family's;

[,,,]everyone in my family, perhaps more than supporting this, they accepted my decision.


Feb. 28th, 2016 01:07 pm
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twitterbirdicon (1)teodanica was great enough to translate Ueda's 1000 character interview (2016.04 Myojo).

Parts 1 . 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10

And what can I say?

Ueda's reaction to Junno's decision to quit is very relatable;

"Anger is definite. That said [...] I can't work up any hate towards him. There are a lot of complex feelings".


"[...] as a KAT-TUN member, I can't say something like, "I'll support you"... however, we are still friends. There will still be other feelings".

So if people want to be angry or sad or supportive or leave fandom or whatever, Hyphens shouldn't be calling other Hyphens stupid or unreasonable and eat each other - because it's only natural for people to have a bunch of complicated feelings.

But anyway, my JunDa heart.... I'm glad knowing this JunDa pairing wasn't just all in my head... and that they're not just friends, but are genuinely close friends!



Indeed, when together~ sakura blooms
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I haven't watched this SCP episode as yet but~ Junno's birthday bit is~ it's a bitter kind of sweetness. But gosh! I love the teasing sooooo much!!!!

Tatsuya seemed to have gone all out for this celebration.

... like the food )

At this scene, there's even a part with him cleaning the chair Junno would sit in lol like Junno is the King.

... and the mascot )

Junno looks so cute here and even cuter with the way he was interacting with the kid. And just who's that big stuffed toy Santa? handing him balloons?! la~la~la~laaaa

now this... now that must have been wow... I can't wait to watch the vid! )

Tatsuya really seemed to have gone all out. He's so busy trying to make everything perfect. I only see him going this all out when it comes to Junno~ Is he still clingling? or is this really his grand send off?~ As for me, I'm still clinging *bangs head hard*

Who would have imagined Uepi doing this? It must be love )

All this excitement. There's a love there~ a big love for a bandmate

and this pic.

mascot uepi scp 2015.12.16
No matter how long and hard I look at it... I feel sadness. The type of sadness you feel when you know you've done all you could but things still didn't work out... or perhaps it's because things didn't work why you went extra all out to let it be and allow yourself to move on...

Well I'm glad Junno got his surprise birthday celebration. (*´ω`*)♡

FNS needs some chat-about too but I'll leave that for another time! The guys were pretty hot^^

from: 2015.12.16 SCP
pic (c) ponomam
vine vids (c) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
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2015.07.15 SCP @梨苏苏 3
No doubt, KAT-TUN will still be KAT-TUN... they'll be a little different but... think of it more like, they're always evolving for better or worse... so far, I think it's been for the better... though in Junno's case, it may neither be better or worse but more like different.

His presence will be missed.

I hope that next month's SCP will have a birthday celebration for him as well, since we all know how much he loves his birthday... he's ever happy and counting down the days to celebrate. I guess he really likes birthdays... he was so happy and fussy popping confetti and lighting the candle for Uepi.

He updated his Hanashi to say he doesn't feel like 30... well understandable considering the timing... but nonetheless, I truly hope he's having a good day... at least for today, I want him to be smiling ;-)

sparkleHappy 30th Birthday, Taguchi Junnosuke sparkle~ ♥Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

gif (c) 梨苏苏 3 / [ profile] art_of_clarity
from: 2015.07.15 / 2015.10.21 Shounen Club Premium
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lots of feelings

You know, two years ago when Koki left, I made the instant decision that these guys can't be trusted. It's sad but it's the truth. And so, many times, without even noticing, while the other four members tell us how much they love us and will never leave us, in the back of my mind, there was a voice shouting 'liar... liar... liar'. That's how much Koki's leaving or rather, firing affected me... since that day, I decided that as much as I love them, KAT-TUN can not be trusted... not Kame, not Nakamaru, not Tatsuya and not even the crying Junno. Even when all the members gave their messages - apologies taken - apologies understood - but I always felt like one day soon, another member will betray those feelings they tried so hard to convey. I don't know much about Jin, but for the five members I grew to love, I really don't think they are bad people.  I really think they love us and I do believe that whatever promises they make to us, that they honestly think they'll be able to deliver... but mankind is mankind.

But of course, even with all the expectation and self-defense of distrust, you can never be prepared for a member leaving a haven you've grown to love.

Nothing could have prepared me for Junno's leaving.

And I could've said the same for Koki but I think Junno was... is... was... is... good for KAT-TUN... )On a 'member ai' basis, I can see Nakamaru and Ueda being good together... Nakamaru and Kame being good with each other... and Kame and Ueda being good together, I can see all three of them being good together BUT, it's really Junno who perfectly blends and naturally smudges the lines between everyone.

JunDa... this OTP of mine might prove to be a whole different and difficult hurdle. Btw, I recommend playing the audio for this clip ^^ *Sooo cute*

I hope Junno is happy with the choice he has made... but for now, just for now, for the time being, I hope he's just as miserable and losing sleep the way we are now. My misery needs company! )

But, you know what's even crazier?

If I could do it all over again... If I could go 5 years back to that day I first stumbled upon them... then unblinkingly... curiously... without hesitation... very gladly... and simply naturally... I would choose KAT-TUN again.
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JUNNO IS LEAVING KAT-TUN!!!!!!!!!!! next Spring.

Best Artist~ clip

I need... I just can't right now~
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SC 2000.10.08 gif (Junno and Kame) cr. bunniqula
*hehe* I don't know what's happening (because I really haven't watched much old/pre-debut vids) but, these days, you won't ever see Kame acting this way around Junno XD

But really, what's happening?

from: SC 2000.10.08
gif (cr) bunniqula
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A day to be celebrated for one who's always bright, fair and beautiful ^^
He's also an opened and shamless narcisst lol

Happy 29th Birthday, Junnosuke 29/11  Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ┌iiii┐

from: CHAIN Concert
gif (cr)  - idk ><
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2014.05.31 Forrest Gump - Tokyo Globe - 1
It's like you know it's Junno, but while watching him role play, he was Forrest Gump.

That's how great he was!

The Tokyo Globe: 2014.05.31 @6pm - A very short fan report.

Some spoilers are contained.

Run Forrest, run... )
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Forrest Gump stage play (Junno) - 1 ticket for sale: Osaka June 26, 2pm show
If interested (seriously interested) or know someone who is, please send me a message;
or reply here ~ comments are screened ^^
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Title: just a litte push.
Category:  Drabble ficlet
Pairing: Taguchi x Nakamaru (TaguMaru)
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: Just a little push. That's all it takes for Nakamaru to decide that he wants that kind of romance; the one that will make him sigh dreamily - and he wants it with Taguchi.
Word Count: 440

note: apology beforehand, since I'm still iffy about my characterisation. But, I still hope I'm not that far off >< and as always, this is written for my darling Sunshine, itz_menos ~

just a litte push )
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Because Kame's catwalk and smirk need to be documented!

and because too, Junno needs to be Big, Broad, Proper and BEAUTIFUL on my page.

with his very succulent collarbones *yum yum* )

This shoot makes Junno seem even taller and sturdy with his long neck, defined collarbones and an unusually messy hair! Not to mention that he has the prettiest darkness in his face. I love the mystery of these photos~ such a wonderful contrast to his normally cute and sunny pictures <3... I must say, Junno's dark side is alluring to the cure ヾ(*'∀`*)ノ

松竹梅369_赤西總裁 2014.03.06 AOKI cm:- Kame
2014.04 Wink Up;- Junno
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Good stuff! ^^

2014.03.02: Shuuichi ~ Nakamaru:-
Stream link (Thanks to KTroom): tudou

2014.02.23 Kyoukun no Susume ~Junno:-
Stream link: fc2 (you need to create an account to watch).

2014.03.02 Kyoukun no Susume ~Junno:-
Stream link (Thanks to KTroom): tudou
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2014.02 - j.jpg
These two videos were cute funny stuff :-)

----> 2014.02.16 Kyoukun no Susume ~Junno:-
Streaming: tudou by (cr.) KTroom

----> 2014.02.20 Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi! Pro Sports Team VS Sports Talent Team ~Ueda-:
Streaming: dailymotion by (cr.) B Grade Video
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Title: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.
Author: kissmegreen
Category:  Drabble ficlet
Pairing: Taguchi x Nakamaru (TaguMaru)
Rating: G
Genre: hmmm AU
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: Nakamaru is grumpy. Because he's sleepy. And he's pissed. Because Taguchi is just too much a furry happy bunny.
Word Count: 519

note: a gift for [ profile] itz_menos for always being awesome, whether it be feeding my JunDa cravings or just simply being a good pal <3 This piece is based on the recently shown 2013.12.02 Shabekuri 007 episode. Lots of TaguMaru moments to make my girl, Aimee's heart happy :-)

wake up and smell the coffee )
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Dodesuka, 2013.1.19Dodesuka, 2013.02.07 - 2
Dodesuka, 2013.02.07Zip!, 2013.01.08
What's wonderful about Junno?

I believe he's the person who in, what you see is what you get *nods nods*.  He's someone true to himself. Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

Always high spirited, humble, he's smart in a way in which I always want to know his thoughts on matters (his Hanashi serial is everything thoughtful and creative), no denying how gorgeous he is (points to gifs about), brave (points to gifs above), persistent (points to gifs about), he has this hidden talent that I can't wait for him to fully unleash (backtrack to FLASH and No Words No Time, and currently Legal High... not to mention he did the draft for KAT-TUN's upcoming concert). Junno is a genuine mood maker, and I'm forever happy he exists in this world, and that he's this brilliant part of KAT-TUN heart 3

And cherry on top: 2013.11.29 Music Station ~ KAT-TUN - Real Face and Kusabi ❤️

Happy 28th Birthday Taguchi Junnosuke 11/29

Gif. 2013.01.19 Doudesuka / 2013.02.07 Doudesuka / 2013.02.07 Catch / 2013.01.08 Zip
Gifs (cr) art_of_clarity
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2013.10.03 Junno hanashi combo2
Junno's greeting cupidsh0 Uepi in his Junnosuke Taguchi no Hanashi (2013.10.03) ~ "DEAR" Junno actually wrote, "DEAR" ~ GOSH!!! I'M DYING HERE!!!!!! All my JunDa FEELSSSSSS *__________* I'm just rolling on the floor in TOTAL BLISS~ ( ^-^)ノ∠※:*・'°☆ and I'm sooooooo happy it's not a translation but HIS, Junno's actual words/drawing/writing *SIGHS* and I keep rolling on the floor!!!

Perhaps, the world can end now!!!!

twitterbirdicon (1) & [ profile] itz_menos
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Synopsis: wiki-d.addicts I Nanatsu no Kaigi: Ep02
Length: 57:36mins I Format: mp4
Resolution: 604x340 I Size: 177MB
Download: mega :: 2shared I Thx  to arisu_aru
Streaming I for Thx to riseyuuko for sharing link.
do NOT hotlink! I Episode 01

notes: chances are, I won't be able to post the final 2 episodes, and if I do, they won't be on time.

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