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So it's Koki's birthday kaos-panda28but we are the ones who received a present from him instead. Koki finally opened a twitter account. He goes by the username, twitterbirdicon (1)koki1105t He even tweeted. And a general translation of what he wrote can be found here at nagikoe.tumblr

Happy 28th Birthday Koki 11/05

from: Going PV
gif (cr) asianpopaddict & shazween.blogspot
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Those who know me will know that as much as I love Kame, Junno, Koki, Tatsuya and Nakamaru individually, that there's one thing I love more... KAT-TUN.

This perfection... this completeness... it's all I want... all I need.
But, it's a new week... )
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Kame's TV appearances today - Tokyo Bandwagon and interviews on Koki's 'leaving'.

News Every
Chu! Saito
Miyane *with Koki bits Interview
Sukkiri  and here *with Koki bits Interview - translation here: jenewsdaily
ZIP! *with Koki bits Interview - translation here: jenewsdaily

I think I'm missing Hirunandez, but I'm in no mood too look for it.

Needless to say, Kame had a very very very long day.
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So I just received a mail from Johnny's fanclub that Koki decided to leave KAT-TUN... That's what they said... Tanaka Koki decided to leave KAT-TUN. That's what they said... Johnny's 'f*cking' Entertainment... Johnny and Associates... THOSE SHITTY-ASS BASTARDS!!!!!!

I feel like I could take a truck and beat the shit out of everyone in that agency.

I'm not even going through the effort of screencapping it, so the original message is below in Japanese... use google translate or whatever.

Fandom is giving me a bloody headache, diarrhea and I'm sure lots of grey hair.

... I just don't understand this world anymore. )

MSG from Koki to members in fax

> thank you for being my friend, always<

cr: _jinholic
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Some days fandom just makes me so~ *sighs*
the 'alleged' real story behind Koki's picture I linked in this post. I mean, I saw it but brushed the idea aside because really, why would he be naked? The picture is already bad with what's probably in his hand... Why would Koki show his naked self to anyone... worse yet, a fan? Why would an idol or entertainer or celebrity trust a fan?

Here's the story: majide2ch.blogspot

And with this I'm just speechless...

Nothing seems right, right now. With this, KAT-TUN may suffer some way or another.


Oct. 2nd, 2013 07:16 pm
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Dalek, doctor who
Tanaka Koki will be the end of me!!!!!

Just when I thought he's back... lost some weight but back on screen.... then KABOOM!!!!!!

I need a drink until we get an explanation.  
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connect and go - artofclarity
*giggles* as it were, Connect & Go was filmed on a Monday (2012.12.17)~
and I'm not sure if Koki was handling it well lol
Happy Monday!

KAT-TUN Connect & Go pv making vid
Gif (c) [ profile] art_of_clarity
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Title: Racing to Meet the Sun.
Author: kissmegreen
Category:  One Shot
Pairing: Tanaka Koki x Kamenashi Kazuya (KoKame)
Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: It’s five in the morning when Kame suddenly shows up at Koki's bedside. Apparently, he needs to show Koki 'something', and just like that, Koki hops into Kame's jeep... no questions asked.
Word Count: 1,828

note: written for the birthday girl arisu_aru surprise surprise~ Also, I know you're a hardcore girl, and I'm pervy too but I happen to be a very sappy writer~ so forgive the sap in this one, okay *muah*  I hope you have a good read my dear~


Racing to Meet the Sun.` )
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new cover
:: 2012 Japan Navi vol.37
:: 2013.01 Maquia
:: 2012.11 Cinema★Cinema
:: 2012.12 Qlap
:: 2012.11 TV Pia
:: 2012.11 Toho Cinema


Preview+Download )
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506 Koki Shops and Papa pics
Size: 181MB
Download: Preview :: 2shared :: mediafire
Credit: 田中兄弟@weibo/full credit in file

do NOT hotlink!

+1 : one of my favourite Koki pics ever~ the black nails painted on those slender fingers... and his adorable candid shot~  )
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2012.03.30 Chain concert - Dangerous Cat (Koki)
November is an amazing month... CHAIN DvD to be released and with the HD edition of Koki getting Dangerously hot! November is also the month when we celebrate the birthday of the man who loves uniforms - Tanaka Koki~

Your smile, your charm, your selflessness, your hardwork, your talent that only you alone can do, your soft heart, and your commitment to the beautiful flavour of KAT-TUN... you are one of the five main ingredients that keeps our hunger satisfied~ or even crave for more~

Happy 27th Birthday Koki

2012 kattun chain tour
gif(c) thank you! tell me if it's yours >.<
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quiz 80
:: 20121023 Quiz 80 - Ueda
:: 20121016 Quiz 80 - Junno
:: 20121026 Hanamaru Market - Koki


Download )


:: The first episode of Quiz 80 w/Junno can be found here
::  Koki on Ooku Tanjou [Arikoto Iemitsu Volume] Navinavi can be found here
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Title: Clinging to You.
Author: kissmegreen
Category:  Drabble
Pairing: Tanaka Koki x Kamenashi Kazuya (KoKame)
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Angst?
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: Koki is a clingy one.
Word Count: 427

Note: Yes! it's happening again... another Non-JunDa fic >_< Anyway, I was writing a JunDa fic that's not going anywhere because I can't find one last word to complete it and during that time of me staring at the laptop, I remembered this Kokame Talk I had with [ profile] arisu_aru since they are her OTP... and we both shared the view of lack of fics of our OTPs (mine being JunDa of course >.<), and then 'clingy!Koki' came up >_<. Anyway, in my writer's block, this plot came to mind and do forgive me, this is my second Non-JunDa fic and I tend to freak out about characterisation. Anyway, girl~


Clinging to You. )
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den den
Junno did so well on Quiz 80. Makes me excited for the other members' appearances :-)

20121009 Quiz 80 Junno )

20121007 Ooku Tanjou [Arikoto Iemitsu Volume] Navinavi - Koki )
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Regular Edition (First Press)

1 - 不滅のスクラム 
2 - Black or White (Tanaka Koki's Solo)

... ...

Regular Edition  )
... ...

Limited Edition )
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Koki was such a cutie growing up :-)

20120926 Shounen Club Special Issue: Tanaka Koki - BS Premium
Size: 147.93MB
Length: 14:58mins
Resolution: 640x360
Download: 2shared :: mediafire
Source: jane_c0611@weibo ----> .mp4 to avi conversion done by me.

* Do NOT Hotlink... Do NOT copy and paste links.
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:: 2012.09.15-28 TV Pia
:: 2012.09 Only Star

* I'm testing various things so this post (and maybe future posts... depending on this) will be public (for now).
* do NOT hotlink ! ! !
* I'll friend-lock & password protect in a few days.

... ...

Download )
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2nspdp0.jpg monk koki
Poodle!Koki is going Bouzo!Monk again (?)
Either way, I like it or more importantly, I'm very happy for his casting in the drama 'Ooku'. Congrats Dearsparkle
I've seen the movie staring Ninomiya & it's good stuff... & Koki's role will be a prominent one it seems...
a 'male' concubine!

gif (cr) on as watermarked
photo (cr) kattun_paper
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Ichiban Song Show - KAT-TUN
Gokujou Kuukan - (Solio) Maru & Koki w/ Junno's Tag Tune Driving

... ...

Download )
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201206 Potato

Koki's new hair is gorgeous!... it highlights his wonderfully defined cheekbones and that smile that's always etched at the crinkles of his eyes... yep! this photo gives that wonderful fresh feeling of
'Awww, Spring is finally here'.
btw, it's been a while since Koki graced my LJ solo (shame on me), so Okaeri, my lord...

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