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These two are more touchy than they were before the hiatus. I was also watching some recent Shuiichi vids over the weekend with Tatsuya guesting and noted Maru being touchy too. Oh man, I need some Kame in the touching mix to complete the orgy bromance ^^

And This! lol ~
boys will be boys XD )KAT-TUN's wildness coming out in Nakamaru hehe

And this clip gives a summary of the JE sports day event but the funny and important bit for me was the last few minutes with Ueda calling out Juri Tanaka as being Koki's brother and Nakamaru's and the crowd's reaction XDit's been 4 years since XD )I suppose this is why Koki made mention of Tokyo Dome the other day.

And as expected, in sports, Ueda is the Boss XD
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I LOL-ed at the way Nakamaru striked his usual pose the same way he would have just before performing a badass KAT-TUN song lol
And really, what's up with this song? )

lol It's all so strange... the dance, the sound, its everything and yet, there's this fun to it XD

And Uepi, I'm so glued on him wearing make-up. Really, SCP can't come soon enough to see this costuming and performance.
Visual Kei would really suit Uepi )Pero-kun!!!!

And I've noticed a trend with Kame... It's either he has nothing going on or he has a bunch of things happening all at once lol This man is all over TV from promoting P to JK and now leading into his new drama. Wonderful World sounds really not my flow BUT... it has this catchiness to it.

「Wonderful World」 )So I was away on holidays for a couple of days and returned to see these hands groping somebody's lower half... I haven't seen the full video but I can spot Kame's short stubby fingers anywhere lol... After all these years, Kame's hands are still lonely XD
Kame's hands are still lonely )
Anyone, when and what programme was this?

Anyway, it's a miracle that man didn't get hard after being fondled by Kame ><"
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I've been thinking this since the first time Kamekichi got injured but, am I the only one who thinks whoever was in charge of special effects makeup needed firing? lol This looks like the untalented me applying blush.

and LOL at Kame doing Daigo's silly rock move )And Nakamaru's drama seems like it will be the crack he's usually involved in lol. I'm looking forward to this madness!

the usual crack )

and just how much more adorable does Nakamaru plan on getting? eh?

too much adorableness! )

lol his reaction to things remains gold!


Feb. 15th, 2017 11:10 pm
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When HYPHENS read that Nakamaru had a special announcement, the first thing that came to mind was a flashback to 2015 and chains of uneasiness.

So you must know things are bad when even Kame and Tatsuya had the same reaction the moment Nakamaru said he'd an announcement.

And when their reaction and heartfelt gladness when he assured them that they had nothing to worry about and announced his project and asked for advise... guys, KAT-TUN is gold.

Congrats to Nakamaru on being the main MC for his new bangumi (Sekai Roots Tankentai). Kame wasn't joking when on Shuiichi he said Nakamaru was busy. I wonder what places Nakamaru will travel to...? What things he'll do...? What people he'll meet? I want a KAT-TUN trip too XD I wish him all the best!

Happy Valentine's Day 💜

from: 2017.02.14 Kinkyu Namahoso! Nakamaru Yuichi Special
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This video is funny. More KAT-TUN chat and teasing from Kame calling Nakamaru, majissuka lol

When Kame said he and Nakamaru met up a week before (but this video was pre-recorded so 'last week' doesn't necessarily mean last week), made me curious about what kind of work... group work or solo work( this one meaning they met by coincidence)~

Though it was fun watching Kame search for Nakamaru when he saw the Shuiichi staff. Since he had the Shuiichi interview, he thought Nakamaru would be present so he could maybe get a lil 10mins 'KAT-TUN time' with Nakamaru lol. Watching him acting 'angry'  at not seeing Nakamaru had me laughing XD

Then when Kame said he mailed Nakamaru every day but Nakamaru never replied, I laughed since Kame doesn't seem to be that 'mail every day type'... but I was also impressed thinking wow, such member ai XD but as expected, he'd only mailed Nakamaru twice since the start of the year wishing~ "Happy New Year" sent twice lol

It's good they can still play and tease each other even though they haven't had the time to meet up in private. But I think Nakamaru was saying even though he hasn't sent them mails, from the manager he more or less knows what everyone is up to.

Awwww~ I miss these guys!

2017.02.12 Shuiichi~ original tweet
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2017.02.08 Pon P & JK movie prom
Let's just all have a HYPHEN group hug (◜◡◝)

I love love looooove how busy everyone is! Kame now in full 'on' mode to promote his movie, Ueda super busy and visible on his drama (I'll get back to this soon), and Nakamaru landing a lead role in another drama. There's so much to be thankful for~ even though they're not together~ But now that everyone is hard at work, I feel like even though apart, they're still connected working hard to one day return to us as a group... stronger‼️

And can I say how PとJK seems like the romance cliché that gives me secondhand embarrassment? lol~ but I'll take anything to see Kame-chan lovey dovey with some twist of agony XD

And I miss Kame's black hair... and that sorta Levi cut. Now, every time I see a pic or vid of him with the brown hair, I always think it's old hehe his brown hair is nostalgic.

OKAY, back to Tatsuya's drama; Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito

ueda kissing
Though, I'm more interested in how pretty Tatsuya is all dolled up in a wedding frock... and the kiss itself; the way he angled his head and held the 'groom' around the nape and the neck... Tatsuya is obviously a passionate kisser *breathes in and out*

And so I sighed countless times since Sunday because not so long ago, I was able to choose and refuse gifs and vids~ but now it saddens me that I couldn't find a gif for this epic moment to post on LJ (I'm also mourning the discontinuation of vine)... and since I'm useless at making things, I always depend on others' talent. With that said, I miss our fandom that was so busy that if I missed checking in for a few hours, so many things would have happened that it would take quite a bit of time to catch up.

People were always here. And things were always happening.

Now I see people jumping into other fandoms, and it's ok... it really is. I just hope that when KAT-TUN returns, so will the crowd of HYPHENS to welcome them XD

tweet link from: 2017.02.08 Pon; P & JK movie promo~ youtube
Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito ep. 3
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Long before I'd discovered JunDa, Kame's advances on Nakamaru was always a joy to watch LOL

I even found it funnier when Koki was involved because it was like: Koki was after Kame but Kame was after Nakamaru while Nakamaru was (and still is) forever protecting his chastity lol

And really, who can blame Kame? Nakamaru has a really nice long neck and yum yum collarbones <3

from: SCP (date?)
vine (c) mutsumisan
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maru bday

sparkleNakamaru is very jolly at 33 sparklelol

I just watched the 10Ks dvd and couldn't stop laughing at Ueda calling Nakamaru 'old man' haha

Nakamaru then basically replied with 'we were classmates so~ you really shouldn't be saying anything' XD

This beautiful soul that's Nakamaru~ hardworking, funny, kind-hearted, soft-hearted, closet naughty (lol), sexy, talented, adorable, KAT-TUN's Nakamaru.

In the dvd, after thanking everyone for celebrating the 10th anniversary with them, he also basically said, he's looking forward to the 11th anniversary celebration too~

call it blind faith, or call it naivety but, I'm very hopeful ^^

sparkleHappy Birthday to you, Yuichisparkle ~ ♥Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

gif from. SCP
gif source.
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kattun selfie - ueda

So here we have Uepi (´∀`)♡ All very cool and sexy with his lean cheekbones and his pouty cherry kissable lips and a killer 'drop your panties' stare "oh yeah"

And then

pheromone Kame )

The very cute and dripping with pheromone Kame ~ (´・` )♡ a trick and treat in his own right enough to make you naughty or nice while smiling at him and feeling your heart skip a beat ♡


There's NAKAMARU! hahahahaha

LOL You be the judge! )

I love this guy!  ฅ(>ω<*ฅ)♡*。
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This creature is just toooooo cuuuuute ♪( ´θ`)ノ

And can I just say, I love his bow tie~ bow ties are cool

I need KAT-TUN in my life~ʹ֊ʹ

from: 2016.07.12 Tokoro-san no Nippon no Deban
vine vid (c) mutsumin
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Kame's house
Kame's place is so Kame. That woody/natural undertone that's of good taste but not overly flashy. Though, I wouldn't want that couch in my apartment~ but it does seem comfortable for after a long day. And! things seem to be so meticulously placed that it seems like the kind of livingspace where everything has meaning... a memory attached to it~ or he's just a neat freak lol

And then!

Nakamaru's place looks just like 'Nakamaru'~ )

And then!

Ueda's apartment looks like mine~ looks like it belongs to somebody lazy )
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[ profile] itz_menos Darling posted Nakamaru's 10,000 words Myojo 2016.03 interview ~ check tagumarulove! and be sure to leave your appreciation~ believe me, it's an awesome read!

It's such a powerful interview. So many things we can relate to and so many things he tried to convey to make us understand the pressure and the pain and the anxiety and worries, and yet that bond... complicated feelings... complicated KAT-TUN... I think he did a great job!

KAT-TUN is family
So, if KAT-TUN is a family, what is your role in it?
---- Hmm, considering my personality I wanted to be the mother but (laughs) *lol hugs him*

'[...]when they leave the group... it's like there's an impact that kills something inside us. It's comparable to the pain of our bodies being torn apart'. )

KAT-TUN is such a strange existence... but it's this reality to them that I like.
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If it's the face, then folks always point out his nose...
- but my eyes always move to his lips ~ like cherry on top ;)

on Sept. 4th.

sparkleHappy 32nd Birthday, Nakamarusparkle~ ♥Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

gif (c) akudou-no-fansub
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*giggles* And Tatsuya now has two consecutive episodes of awkwardness ♡♡♡

I haven't seen this ep yet, but I think he and Maru are supposed to protect 'the princess' (ฅ^ω^ฅ)

and then these two!...

Junno & Tatsuya )

... any closer and they'll have to eat each other.

from: 2015.05.20 SCP
vine (c) @1004_mp
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Sometimes, the thought crosses my mind, 'I definitely would like to spend a day with Maru'. (o´∀`o)ノ .•*¨*•.¸¸♬

I think I would spend the whole time laughing at his funny and unexpected(?) antics.
He gives off this mature, studious 'nerdy' vibes... but other times he's like this whacko or a bit scary like when he reprimanded Junno on Shabekuri 007 and brushed off that fangirl who 'rudely' ruffled his hair at the come Here concert ~ and you know he has a hair complex it would seem... though he never changes it *giggle*ヾ(´ε`○). And too, his complaints over silly things always makes me giggle (○´3`)ノ"

It's like, what else have you got up your sleeve, Nakamaru? I want to know!

But until he shows us more and more and keeping us in love with him;

Happy 31st Birthday Nakamaru 04/09  Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ┌iiii┐

from: To The Limit PV
gif (cr) [ profile] flipangel_88
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Title: just a litte push.
Category:  Drabble ficlet
Pairing: Taguchi x Nakamaru (TaguMaru)
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: Just a little push. That's all it takes for Nakamaru to decide that he wants that kind of romance; the one that will make him sigh dreamily - and he wants it with Taguchi.
Word Count: 440

note: apology beforehand, since I'm still iffy about my characterisation. But, I still hope I'm not that far off >< and as always, this is written for my darling Sunshine, itz_menos ~

just a litte push )
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Good stuff! ^^

2014.03.02: Shuuichi ~ Nakamaru:-
Stream link (Thanks to KTroom): tudou

2014.02.23 Kyoukun no Susume ~Junno:-
Stream link: fc2 (you need to create an account to watch).

2014.03.02 Kyoukun no Susume ~Junno:-
Stream link (Thanks to KTroom): tudou
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2013 KAT-TUN LIVE - End - KAT-TUN!2014.01.12 shuichi - 1
Today, Shuichi broadcasted Part 2/2  of KAT-TUN's Countdown Concert 2013 (backstage and concert footage), and Part Two was just as jolly and fantastic as Part One.✲ฺ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ✲゚ฺ*:₀

★ 2014.01.12 Shuichi (part 2/2).

Streaming Link Thanks to popo t @ youtube :: pt.1 - pt.2
Download/Streaming Link Thanks to cielblue223 :: here


And now we wait for the announcement of a DVD~☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
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Title: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.
Author: kissmegreen
Category:  Drabble ficlet
Pairing: Taguchi x Nakamaru (TaguMaru)
Rating: G
Genre: hmmm AU
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: Nakamaru is grumpy. Because he's sleepy. And he's pissed. Because Taguchi is just too much a furry happy bunny.
Word Count: 519

note: a gift for [ profile] itz_menos for always being awesome, whether it be feeding my JunDa cravings or just simply being a good pal <3 This piece is based on the recently shown 2013.12.02 Shabekuri 007 episode. Lots of TaguMaru moments to make my girl, Aimee's heart happy :-)

wake up and smell the coffee )
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0020r5e7 002a1h7p
Celebrating another beautiful existence in this world heart 1
but, lol, I think I'll always love Yuicchi's expressions... esp, the first one... priceless (о´∀`о)

Happy 30th Birthday Yuicchi 09/04

You amazing and talented genius! Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ KAT-TUN forever!

from: kat-tun no zettai manetakunaru (eps. 08 & 10)  and ♪to the limit
gif (c) [ profile] art_of_clarity and [ profile] flipangel88

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