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- New KAT-TUN single ♪Dead or Alive
- New Kame drama ~ 'Second Love' (and I hope this drama will be a sexy one)
- and what we thought may never come... Kame's solo!!!!! ♪Hanasanaide Ai

Lots of goodies in one day ˉ້̞̭͡ ໋͈ ૈ ૂ ੭͜ ້͡ ໋͈ ૈ˄̻ ̊

The start of 2015 sounds like it'll be lots of fun and entertainment *dances around on tiptoes*
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Tatsuya was busy on television today promoting his stage play, Touminsuru Kuma ni Soineshite goran (Try Sleeping Next to a Hibernating Bear) which started today (2014.01.09).

A few promo links:


Mezamashi & Zip (Thx to Popo t) :: Link
Pon (Thx to lovecare0223) :: Link
Tokyo Mix News (thx to lovecare0223) :: Link

I'm so happy for Tatsuya! He looks adorable and the butai looks absolutely interesting and fun (*´v`*)ノ
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CM Panasonic (2013.03.31) (seelenlicht) - 1
It's  Monday and yet I'm in high spirits (✿◠‿◠)
Could it be because GACKT announced a new album for May 8th? or could it be because KAT-TUN's new single 「FACE to Face」is announced for May 15th? or maybe, it's because I found out that NEWS did an opening song for ONE PIECE (and I LOOOOOOVE One Piece) video >>> here and then there's Kame's new panasonic cm... and I begged [ profile] seelenlicht to make me this gif because while Kame will always be sexy *like, duh~nothing new there*, I am SOOO IN LOVE with the way his forehead wrinkles into a frown... it's mighty sexy with so many seductive feelings(。♥‿♥。).

cm gif: [ profile] seelenlicht
And many hugs for [ profile] tora_chin for keeping me in the loop... I feel so ♥
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2007 concert
So... as we celebrate the announced date for our CHAIN DvD release.... let's all have a Happy!Pervy Monday!
See? Kame is already happily flipping Tatsuya's skirt

★☆OMG! November 21st is just around the corner! I'm so excited★☆

gif(c)... tell me if it's yours183
from: CTKT II (2007) Concert.
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:: 2011 JCD KAT-TUN & NEWS
:: 20120220 Hirunandesu - KAT-TUN in Takeshi no Chou Shinsetsu Kenkyuushu
:: 20120224 Mezamashi - KAT-TUN - Lock On promo
:: 20120423 CHAIN Press Conference

Finally cleaning out/organising my files... anyway, f-lock in 3 days.


Download )
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My Spanish is rusty, but I did a rough translation from a Spanish website:

TBS has announced on it's website that there will be a second part to KAT-TUN's special programme - KAT-TUN's Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru ni! that was first aired on New Year's night.

The scheduled date is 3rd April,(2012) at 11:50 pm

If the public's reception is positive, then KAT-TUN may yet again have another programme, this time on TBS.
Original Spanish Text: )

I'm mega excited!!!!!!
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As expected and feared by NEWS fans, Yamapi and Ryo both withdrew from NEWS today leaving Shige, Kei, Massu and Tegoshi to carry on as a 4 member group.

Source: yahoo news

Comments from newly-departed and remaining NEWS members, reports TV Asahi are below:

Comments from NEWS members )
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(c) ammiestories

..... NewS styLe !!!!
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Baseball goodies...

Preview & Download )
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A full house crowd of 45,000 fans and 200 Johnny’s talents invaded Tokyo Dome on May 29 for a charity baseball match, reports Sankei Sports, Daily Sports Online, and Chunichi Sports.


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A short video (9:15mins) and some paparazzi photos are below the cut (^_^)

Have Fun ! ! !

Marching J Baseball Game and Pics )
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Marching J“, will be holding a charity baseball game at Tokyo Dome on May 29th.

They held a fundraising event for three days in April, and the president of Johnny & Associates, Johnny Kitagawa, stated that he was planning to hold a charity event every month, with a part of the profit donated to disaster relief.

Below are the participants for the baseball game for now, as the list is subject to change:

Marching J Baseball List! )
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Host: What were NewS doing 15 years ago?

Ryo: I played for a local soccer team.
Tegoshi: I played soccer the whole time.
Massu: I was in a sumo wrestling tournament.
Koyama: I was the captain of the baseball team.
Shige: I remember playing soccer.
Yamapi: I was hanging around with the cows from the farm in front of my house.  o.O

Thanks to [ profile] 66lily_lo66 who informed me that this was during the [CDTV Special] 2008.09.24 NEWS talk & medley Performance... 
I just watched the video and all the more reason why I'm speechless, and totally amused.... all I can do is LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! This really made my evening :)))

Thank You. Yamapi!

牛と遊んでる( ゚Д゚)wwwwwwwwwwwwwww

oneshinyapple: credit/source
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 Following a recent interview with NYLON Japan about his first solo album that was just released, Yamapi later turned up the recent Vol. 4 issue of Nylon Guys, strutting his stuff in a variety of styles, including a plaid poncho and a biker jacket.

Nylon Guys Vol. 4 )
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Continuing with my "Project Getting to Know NewS", let me just say,
ewS are Hot, Kool & Sexy!!!!!!"

Ohhhh... so this is the famous "man - 'Boobs' I love them! {chuckle}
Yamapi is well toned... now I'm all pumped up to watch 'Ashita no Joe" *wide grin*

NewS picSpam~~~~ they are hot & kool too! )


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What NEWS members like about Yamapi

Q: Please tell me one good thing about Yamashita Tomohisa?

... his boobs! )
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Koki Tanaka (25) personally delivered food supplies and checked up on old friends in Miyagi prefecture over the weekend, it was revealed on March 27, reports Daily Sports Online and Sponichi Annex.

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Requests for positive Arashi songs are proving to be popular in an area worst-affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, reports Nikkan Sports

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