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Is it just me or did LJ really change up the 'post settings'? I HATE IT - well except for the 'like button' which I haven't tried yet *__*

Anyhow, a bunch of Ryo and Yamapi magazines scans.

  1. 201108 Ryo - AneCan

  2. 201108 Ryo - SEDA

  3. 201108 - 15 to 22 - Orista No. 31

  4. 201109 Ryo - TV Station No. 18

  5. Yamashita Tomohisa - Seventeen Vol 78

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I love getting candid shots of Pi... he's just so dorky yet kawaii ^___^
(c) iheartmiura

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What: Tomohisa Yamashita’s solo concert tour Super good Super bad

When: 13:00 – 15:00 Sunday, May 8 2011

Where: Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium, Harajuku, Tokyo


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 Following a recent interview with NYLON Japan about his first solo album that was just released, Yamapi later turned up the recent Vol. 4 issue of Nylon Guys, strutting his stuff in a variety of styles, including a plaid poncho and a biker jacket.

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Otanjoubi Omedetou Yamashita-kun!!!!!
Wishing you a long life with plenty more years of your Charm and Success!

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What NEWS members like about Yamapi

Q: Please tell me one good thing about Yamashita Tomohisa?

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In times of adversity, just follow Akira's lead and go:

(kon kon)


gif. reblogged from: loveorlike.tumblr

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Watch / Download the video below, which includes some great dancing by Amuro and Yamapi!
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"On the “ship” that is KAT-TUN, too ― in order to fulfill our dreams and goals, there are those who stay and those who leave - but our hearts are always connected. That bond remains unchanged."
— Kazuya Kamenashi (MORE April 2011, on ONE PIECE and KAT-TUN)

(Source: johnnysgivesmehope


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When Amuro Namie revealed her collaboration album concept a couple weeks ago, one of the surprises was the inclusion of Yamashita Tomohisa on a track called, “Unusual“. 

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 Yamashita Tomohisa performed an electrifying stage for his hit song, “Party Don’t Stop“!

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Via allkpop:

Yamashita Tomohisa (YamapI)
will be appearing on next week’s episode of Mnet’s M Countdown!

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Recommended Restaurant for NEWS fans visit :)

Some NEWS fans might want to know where Yamapi, Shige, and Massu ate so they could go there when visiting Tokyo :) 

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Last month on January 29th, YamaPi finished one of his tour stops in Hong Kong, and during the show, he introduced as Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee Chan, as his good friend. 


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NEWS were very biased in their answers which I found cute and funny... it made me smile and think that I want to know them more... their member AI seems strong and every one seems to support each other!!!!

***** sorry I don't have the time to reorganise the questions/answers the way I did KAT-TUN's (after all I always seem to go the extra mile for them *_*)

Monthly TV Guide (January 27 – February 28 2011) 

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Yamashita Tomohisa (YamapI), has always had a special place in my heart, actually he grew on me out of watching Nobuta wo Produce *_*

I love him even more because he's always saying good about people.... and of course I seem to appreciate him more when one of those people is Kame (Shuuji to Akira) :)))

Now, I'm not really a NEWS fan yet, but I'm a YamapI fan so I promised myself to support him and NEWS more but things always worked out so that KAT-TUN has taken over all my time and interest ^_^...  anyways, I've been keeping watch on Pi's solo tour around Asia and also his upcoming movie which I'm anticipating to be very good...

Yamapi is a hard worker ne *_* So here are two reports about his solo tour and his movie... this is me getting to know Yamapi *_*

Under the cut:

  1. Japan's Soccer win Motivates Yamapi as Japan's Pop Star Representative
  2. Yamapi Punches up a Show in front of 12 Boxing Champions and 1000 Fans


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As featured in the TV Guide (Kanto version) January 22 – 28, Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi) answered 50 questions regarding his new single 'Hadakanbo' and his daily life.... see what he and Kamenashi Kazuya have been up to!

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