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uepi tweets

The first tweet has me all dizzy and grinning. At first, I wasn't sure in what capacity Ueda would be on SCP~ talk or music but OMG! Music. But who wrote this song? Rock Band!!!!! I'm still amazed how much I look forward to this man's music.

And then his "KAT-TUN is definitely coming back" ~ said in the first tweet and echoed in the second tweet;

I'm still emo and iffy at times, but his words are enough to keep me still hopeful ^^

I think April will be an awesome month!

tweet 1
tweet 2
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It's true what they say, where there's smoke, there's fire lol well I guess by now we've all heard/read about Kame and Yamapi's new drama

Though, while many seem to be excited about this KamePi reunion, I really don't care much for it. I'm just glad for more KT work at prime time (Nakamaru's new bangumi is also prime time), since it has the benefit of more spotlight on KAT-TUN's Kamenashi and what it will do for KAT-TUN~ it's like a revamp for Yamapi and KAT-TUN.

Details on the drama~

boku, unmei no hito desu )


Feb. 15th, 2017 11:10 pm
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When HYPHENS read that Nakamaru had a special announcement, the first thing that came to mind was a flashback to 2015 and chains of uneasiness.

So you must know things are bad when even Kame and Tatsuya had the same reaction the moment Nakamaru said he'd an announcement.

And when their reaction and heartfelt gladness when he assured them that they had nothing to worry about and announced his project and asked for advise... guys, KAT-TUN is gold.

Congrats to Nakamaru on being the main MC for his new bangumi (Sekai Roots Tankentai). Kame wasn't joking when on Shuiichi he said Nakamaru was busy. I wonder what places Nakamaru will travel to...? What things he'll do...? What people he'll meet? I want a KAT-TUN trip too XD I wish him all the best!

Happy Valentine's Day 💜

from: 2017.02.14 Kinkyu Namahoso! Nakamaru Yuichi Special
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2017.02.08 Pon P & JK movie prom
Let's just all have a HYPHEN group hug (◜◡◝)

I love love looooove how busy everyone is! Kame now in full 'on' mode to promote his movie, Ueda super busy and visible on his drama (I'll get back to this soon), and Nakamaru landing a lead role in another drama. There's so much to be thankful for~ even though they're not together~ But now that everyone is hard at work, I feel like even though apart, they're still connected working hard to one day return to us as a group... stronger‼️

And can I say how PとJK seems like the romance cliché that gives me secondhand embarrassment? lol~ but I'll take anything to see Kame-chan lovey dovey with some twist of agony XD

And I miss Kame's black hair... and that sorta Levi cut. Now, every time I see a pic or vid of him with the brown hair, I always think it's old hehe his brown hair is nostalgic.

OKAY, back to Tatsuya's drama; Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito

ueda kissing
Though, I'm more interested in how pretty Tatsuya is all dolled up in a wedding frock... and the kiss itself; the way he angled his head and held the 'groom' around the nape and the neck... Tatsuya is obviously a passionate kisser *breathes in and out*

And so I sighed countless times since Sunday because not so long ago, I was able to choose and refuse gifs and vids~ but now it saddens me that I couldn't find a gif for this epic moment to post on LJ (I'm also mourning the discontinuation of vine)... and since I'm useless at making things, I always depend on others' talent. With that said, I miss our fandom that was so busy that if I missed checking in for a few hours, so many things would have happened that it would take quite a bit of time to catch up.

People were always here. And things were always happening.

Now I see people jumping into other fandoms, and it's ok... it really is. I just hope that when KAT-TUN returns, so will the crowd of HYPHENS to welcome them XD

tweet link from: 2017.02.08 Pon; P & JK movie promo~ youtube
Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito ep. 3
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celebrating gif
Not so long ago, I was so worried about if and when Tatsuya would get any project/s during KAT-TUN's off-season~ and now, his name is everywhere! His pictures are all over fandom and the excitement is now even merrier with the announcement of his stageplay; New World Romance Orchestra

April 30 - May 21, 2017 (Tokyo) then May 26-28, 2017 (Osaka).

I don't know how big his role is but for now it's still time to get excited because!!!!~ orchestra = music which hopefully means Tatsuya will not only be singing, but will also be playing an instrument or two XD   kaos-panda28
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So Ueda was/is in Indonesia?! somewhere around Oct 28? (shows up at about the 45secs mark)

Seems to have been on a sort of graffiti cleanup project team from Japan?

Wow, talk about surprises.

Well, I'm glad he's doing something.

It's good and all for the environment and promotion...?

And not too long ago, he was seen in Shanghai Airport, right? What went on there?

Well all we can do is just wait to see where all this is going.

Us, Potatoes~


(c) youtube
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I love the covers like WOW! The outfits, the poses and expressions, and the colours... though, I can't help but still laugh at the, 'Tragedy' name

The real tragedy though, would be if they get a shitty MV *fingers crossed for good stuff*

(c) jnet
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lots of feelings

You know, two years ago when Koki left, I made the instant decision that these guys can't be trusted. It's sad but it's the truth. And so, many times, without even noticing, while the other four members tell us how much they love us and will never leave us, in the back of my mind, there was a voice shouting 'liar... liar... liar'. That's how much Koki's leaving or rather, firing affected me... since that day, I decided that as much as I love them, KAT-TUN can not be trusted... not Kame, not Nakamaru, not Tatsuya and not even the crying Junno. Even when all the members gave their messages - apologies taken - apologies understood - but I always felt like one day soon, another member will betray those feelings they tried so hard to convey. I don't know much about Jin, but for the five members I grew to love, I really don't think they are bad people.  I really think they love us and I do believe that whatever promises they make to us, that they honestly think they'll be able to deliver... but mankind is mankind.

But of course, even with all the expectation and self-defense of distrust, you can never be prepared for a member leaving a haven you've grown to love.

Nothing could have prepared me for Junno's leaving.

And I could've said the same for Koki but I think Junno was... is... was... is... good for KAT-TUN... )On a 'member ai' basis, I can see Nakamaru and Ueda being good together... Nakamaru and Kame being good with each other... and Kame and Ueda being good together, I can see all three of them being good together BUT, it's really Junno who perfectly blends and naturally smudges the lines between everyone.

JunDa... this OTP of mine might prove to be a whole different and difficult hurdle. Btw, I recommend playing the audio for this clip ^^ *Sooo cute*

I hope Junno is happy with the choice he has made... but for now, just for now, for the time being, I hope he's just as miserable and losing sleep the way we are now. My misery needs company! )

But, you know what's even crazier?

If I could do it all over again... If I could go 5 years back to that day I first stumbled upon them... then unblinkingly... curiously... without hesitation... very gladly... and simply naturally... I would choose KAT-TUN again.
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To think they made Rolling Stone's "50 Greatest Boy Band Songs of all time". *cakes and confetti*

And even though ♪Real Face♪ isn't a song I take much to, I'm just happy KAT-TUN made the list alongside all those far bigger and more famous bands!

I'm doing well by following these guys XD

gif (c) don't know. not mine!
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come here pic

Generally, you won't find me overexpectant and excited for covers per se, but really;

Is JE uncreative or just lazy?!

And being April Fools' Day and all, I'd to check the main website to confirm ><'


Mar. 22nd, 2015 02:21 pm
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Another year marking the beautiful existence of KAT-TUN and happily following behind as they continue to swirl my lil world with happiness like a cone of soft served ice-cream *yum yum*

and then this!

kat-tun quater tour 2015 logo

A pretty logo with a catchy curious name... just like KAT-TUN 。:°ஐ♡

So many things to be happy about and so many things to still look forward to ✧⁺⸜(●˙▾˙●)⸝⁺✧

On this day, their 9th year since debut~ おめでと〜⋆*✩✧̥⋆*
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It's Spring. And apparently, JE thinks money grows on tree like cherry blossomssakura_tiny

「KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2014 come Here」 dvd release: 22nd April, 2015

Three versions: ¥6,296 +¥6,296 +¥4,444 + tax

I guess I'll stock up on more cup noodles.
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I kinda feel like I'm looking at something really pretty! ້͡ ໋͈ ૈ ૂ ੭͜ ້͡ ໋͈ ૈ˄̻ ̊

KAT-TUN wears colours and shiny well (〃ω〃)

And as for the tracklist; some interesting titles... like PHANTOM and KIRARITO and I lol-ed when a friend asked me if Junno/Maru's KIRARITO is a word XD. Seems like Kame/Ueda's ARIGATOU will be a ballad. I don't mind this. I really do like Ueda's ballads - I really like all his songs so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm really looking forward to the duets and couplings of this release... And Maru said to promote it on twitter LOL

Also!!!! this week's Shounen Club Premium was a fun watch (๑´∀`๑)♡


Feb. 2nd, 2015 06:30 pm
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...and then we all awoke or came home to details of Kiss Kiss Kiss

I laughed when a friend texted to me say, "I still haven't even received my CDs (Dead or Alive) and they've announced the release date of the 24th single". XD ~

Release date: March 11, 2015

And no complaints. Of course!


Flipping tables that I won't get a JunDa duet aside, and focusing on the bigger picture (can't believe I just said this), I very much like this idea of having duets ^^

I think I can expect something good and vibesy and energetic from Junno x Nakamaru. However, I can't imagine how Kame x Ueda will fare. But! because it's Ueda, and I know he has good skills in musical arrangement, I'm looking forward to this release of theirs. I'm also very happy that it seems we'll get a DVD for these songs as well XD

Well I said 'no complaints' but except one... how many posters does JE intend to give as 'bonus gifts'? I still don't know what to do with the DoA posters and really, I'm over posters... I don't want anymore. Can't their marketing team figure out another 'cheap' way to get sales?!

And with that said... Happy Monday! I'm counting down to Second Love
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Following my last post... these FAKE subs just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!
It couldn't be any more perfect! All the more reason to love this ListenRadio Cm :-)

btw, ♪In Fact is sounding good ^^ ~ full version played on tonight's Gatsuun~ ^^

(cr) bonnie@youtube / jackraiden00@twitter
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Imagine how the day started with this awesome crack ListenRadio CM with KAT-TUN... then a few hours later, there was the buzz about the release of ♪ In Fact on 06/04 with the promise of a cool and fashionable KAT-TUN, charming to the core with a catchy melody and gorgeous dance moves... then you read further and realise;

  1. The VERY LONG AWAITED Kamenashi solo, is not happening (well it's not listed); and

  2. There will be a Katsumode DVD - but only 10, 000 lucky fans will be blessed with this from a lottery...

Sometimes, most times... JE is beyond any logical comprehension.
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gackt resized
😭💕 This was me today !!!!!ʅ(´՞ਊ ՞ )
KAT-TUN's Countdown Concert DVD announced for release on May 14, 2014✨😊💕
April is the bearer of good happenings ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶
Source: j-net
(c) gif?
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A lively catchy song^^ I love the blend of their voices - the ups and downs in their lovely harmony... It'll make a good coupling song :-)

The theme song for Dramatic Game 1844:
♪Believe In Myself♪ (full)~ filestorage / youtube
Thx to the folks who recorded it ^^
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credit... pyroyale
A few minutes ago, all sorts of happiness hit me because of this. But, by the time I rushed to check to the site (after tending to my belly cramps from too much laughing - I was rewatching KT on Shabekuri 007), everything was already taken down ;_;

Anyway, news is.... or WAS... KAT-TUN will be releasing a song - 'Believe In Myself' for Professional Baseball 2014!!!!

So until it's properly announced, I'll now go back to staring at laptop, starving... like it never happened ><

Btw, can't get over how shameless GACKT is in this gif ♥♥♥

gif. pyroyale
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shuichi 1
Footage from KAT-TUN's Countdown Concert 2013, as well as some backstage happenings was shown on today's (2014.01.05) Shuichi. These are the various links.

★ 2014.01.05 Shuichi (part 1).

Thanks to:

Popo t :: Link 1
honey10933 :: Link 2
NKK :: Link 3
Sachi kame :: (link 4) pt 1 , pt 2
Ueharasugoi :: (link 5) pt 1, pt 2, pt 3

★ And here's a fanrecord of one of KAT-TUN's live backstage videos from the 2014.01.02 ShinShun Katsumode. Thanks to sayumi:  LINK

★ Also, on 2014.01.09 KAT-TUN will appear on Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi! . More information about this programme can be read here (Thanks to isi_sky). A preview was shown today (2014.01.05): Here's a LINK (thanks to purin n).


Part 2 next week! Part two here

So many wonderful things are happening for wonderful KAT-TUN ❤️❤️❤️❤️(;◡;)♡

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