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Is it just me or did LJ really change up the 'post settings'? I HATE IT - well except for the 'like button' which I haven't tried yet *__*

Anyhow, a bunch of Ryo and Yamapi magazines scans.

  1. 201108 Ryo - AneCan

  2. 201108 Ryo - SEDA

  3. 201108 - 15 to 22 - Orista No. 31

  4. 201109 Ryo - TV Station No. 18

  5. Yamashita Tomohisa - Seventeen Vol 78

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Rekomen 2011.05.19: Taguchi’s gag for Nishikido

Yoko: Went to the chinese restaurant that Taguchi always goes to. Taguchi kept requesting for me to think of a new line for him. He even gave a line for Ryo. which is…


Oshikido (push) Hikikido (pull) Nishikido desu!


he he he...

Come on, Admit it.... it WORKS!!!  Right?

*Junno must have been super happy with himself* he he he

(c) pinejuice.tumblr


Thank you: cookiesmon.tumblr

Notes: -  ReKomen is a radio show hosted by Kanjani8

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Can I just say I'm loving the new look LJ has created for the "Profile Page"..... mainly because  I can now access my mails from here and not only from the 'Home Page" Kokkoii desu!!!!

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Can I just say just how much I'm enjoying "Inu wo kau to iu koto"?!
It's a really good drama.. and Ryo and his character are growing on me :))
and Junno's character is also yummy! xD

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So having watched episode one (1) of "Inu wo kau to iu koto", I must say, I'm already drawn in/to the plot and the characters... But, since I haven't seen much of Junno in the first episode, I'll start off with Ryo.... etto, basically, this is my first time watching Ryo's acting...  actually, this is my first time being this interested in him as an individual member of NewS, so I guess this can be considered as a part of my ongoing, "Project Getting to Know NewS".... .>.<

Alot happened in episode one, but it also paved the way for many more things to unveil throughout the drama..... and although Ryo's character seemed passive, he was also believable and was presented like someone I'd definitely want to know more about... Sooooo, I impatiently await episode two!

For this occasion, I've sourced some scans.... just 4 scanned pages, but I think Ryo is smoking hot!!!!!

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This cross-talk/interview from Wink Up magazine’s 2003 edition had me laughing so hard as Taguchi and Uchi rambled about a 1999 Jr trip to Hawaii... having conversations as:

Uchi:  [KAT-TUN's] just kind of cool. Couldn’t I become a member of KAT-TUN? (lol) Oh I know! Let me study abroad as KAT-TUN’s “U” for a week (lol). And Ueda-kun can come to Kanjani8.

Taguchi: What do you think would happen if Ueda joined Kanjani8? [omg, I wonder myself]

…oh lol. There’s talk about the most random incidents and people in this.  The Nakamaru bit with him being "no good" had me cracking up on the floor...  I'm not familiar with Uchi but after reading... I think he's someone I would like to know... and Taguchi? He was quite funny in this cross-talk ^)^


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On location with Ryo Nishikido for his first drama lead


28/03/2011, No12-1582

Shooting for Ryo Nishikido’s upcoming drama has started!  “I’m bribing (the dog) with treats”!?


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It's official, Oricon Style has reported that NEWS member Nishikido Ryo will be the lead star for upcoming drama series, “Inu wo Kau to iukoto ~Sky to Wagaya no 180 nichi~“, which will start in April on TV Asahi (Every Friday at 11:15 PM).


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Kanjani 8’s new commercial for Hi-Chew’s “Kamigokochi UP de Chew!” began airing in Japan earlier today.

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