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20120814 NEWS concert...
You know, no matter how much I go pervert over KT and GACKT...
I haven't yet done it to Shige... but maybe I should start *smirks*

sparkleHappy 28th Birthdaysparkle to the man of amazing and growing talent!!!!

fr: 20120814 NEWS concert
gif (c)... not mine
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haha putting this silly but adorable face aside... for me, Shige's most gorgeous trait is how his brain works.
and so if ever I'm in need of dire advice from a stranger, Shige is one of two who I would want to talk to the most...
...though chances are he'll not be confident to do it... but that's something else that makes him amazing heart 1

Happy 26th Birthday Shige 11/07

You amazing and talented genius! Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

from: mirrai theatre
gif credit: don't know... not mine >.<
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mirai theatre - Episode 49 Shige kissing Ueshima-san!!
If there's one good thing about Ueshima-san, it's that:
he knows good looking men when he sees them ~ Kame, Koki, Uepi and now... Shige ♥
This bastard old man is so damn lucky! ~ and the way he grabs Shige's jacket & pulls him closer (´・_・`)

Mirai Theatre - Episode 49
gif(cr) not mine but tell me if it's yours.
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Three of the many things I love & admire about Shige... calm, sophisticated & naturally goregous.

I don't fangirl enough about him but in terms of admiration, expectations and a charming personality, Shige is on par with Kame (minus me always being pervy with Kame) >.< He may seem boring but that's what makes him interesting... he's highly intelligent yet humble, very artistic & talented... he's left-handed and he cooks (full 100%)
Happy 25th Birthday Kato Shigeaki

and I'm keeping the photo big... just because... well take a look and you'll see :-) 
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TrueBlood, Shige & Hanawake no Yon Shimai  )
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Belated Birthday Wishes to Mr "Smarty Pants" Shige-kun

Shige has his unique charm... It's a combination of his intellence, his poetic undertones in his 'Photoshigenic' writings,  his very candid moments, his unconventional view on relationships, his deep voice yet playful tone, the fact that he's a dork when sports is involved, and his greater charm - that he's not afraid to admit such, a smile that puts you at ease and;
... the reassurance that there are simplier but finer people in life... such as Mr. Kato Shigeaki himself
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I've found 10+ 1 reasons why I get more and more attracted to Shige; the more I read his thoughts and watch his camera blushes, the more I want to know him.

"Of course I would cook for my girl!" )
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"6月のビターオレンジ (6-gatsu no Bitter Orange)"
(photo thanks to stage show website)

Shigeaki Kato (NEWS) and Shigeru Joshima (TOKIO) talked about their brotherly roles on and off stage at a press conference in Tokyo on May 13, reports Daily Sports Online and Web The Television

More news about Shige )
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Hmmm, do you think he could be on to something? Can we really trust his advice?! afterall, 

THIS IS Patrick!!!

(c) arashijun


you know what?

I think you're right Patrick (for once).... for some reason I'm really excited for Shige... I really do want to strip him... in more ways than one! *hidden desire*

It must be his husky voice from the "Never Ending Wonderful Story" concert DVD (Thx to my secret friend for giving me ----> you know who you are ne :)... xoxo I really want NewS to get a new single... so I can see the current side of them.... maybe then Shige will show some skin!

with that said:
ThANK God It's Friday... William and Kate are now married...BUT thankfully, Harry is left for me to drool over!

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"Project Getting to Know NewS" continues... and As my NewS ichiban, Shige deserves a picspam ne >.<
So here are 9 random pictures of Shige (really random)...
..... but to me they are funny, cute (weirdly cute) and makes me more interested in 'the' Shige *-*

I just really love this photo... maybe it's because he looks his most natural here...
...... relaxed, calm and collective!

random shige >.< )
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This cross-talk/interview from Wink Up magazine’s 2003 edition had me laughing so hard as Taguchi and Uchi rambled about a 1999 Jr trip to Hawaii... having conversations as:

Uchi:  [KAT-TUN's] just kind of cool. Couldn’t I become a member of KAT-TUN? (lol) Oh I know! Let me study abroad as KAT-TUN’s “U” for a week (lol). And Ueda-kun can come to Kanjani8.

Taguchi: What do you think would happen if Ueda joined Kanjani8? [omg, I wonder myself]

…oh lol. There’s talk about the most random incidents and people in this.  The Nakamaru bit with him being "no good" had me cracking up on the floor...  I'm not familiar with Uchi but after reading... I think he's someone I would like to know... and Taguchi? He was quite funny in this cross-talk ^)^


>Wink Up Special (2003)< )
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Kinpachi Sensie: photo credit - The Television

More than 150 “Sakura Junior High School graduates” will make guest appearances on the final of the long-running Kinpachi Sensei drama series, reports The Television.


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Recommended Restaurant for NEWS fans visit :)

Some NEWS fans might want to know where Yamapi, Shige, and Massu ate so they could go there when visiting Tokyo :) 

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Shigeaki Kato (23) from NEWS will trade his pop star image for an insurance company worker in his upcoming drama, reports Ori-suta magazine.  

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