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because this evening will not end without me posting these screencaps of one of God's perfection.
and then I'll just sit here and stare at everything that's beautiful Tatsuya~
Andou Ryu (from Boys On The Run) - fr. the 30s preview

... ...
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Uepi is all pumped up for "Boys On The Run"... I'm so excited for July!


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Awww, lovely view *grab my brain out the gutter*
Having lost in a dash race, Kame falls to the ground gracing us with this view :-) Anyway it was funny how he lost even after he did a false start hehe everyone was laughing at him... too cute!

Pain, Oh Beautiful Pain with Baseball Kame~ )
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Remember this 20110920 episode of Kyoukasho ni Nosetai? It's the one with Tatsuya getting onsen lessons? That’s the same one in which the studio audience/guests (including Chris - the guy with the red circle around him) went crazy when Tatsuya ‘ripped’ his shirt off and graced us all with his beautiful muscles – so sexy, someone could have died from excessive nosebleed.

Then you must remember this 20111213 episode of KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetakunaru? )

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Johnny's Day 2009 - I can never get tired of this pose! - Popolo 2010.03

Well since it's still hours before the 23rd here, I'll proceed with Kame Birthday post #3 and this time I'll do a picspam of the other AWESOME side of Kame - Baseball~

And No! it's not just because I enjoy seeing him all sweaty and flexing his muscles >.< I also love his determination and focus. That playfullness and shyness which he sometimes exhibits... and also his utmost love and enthusiam for the game.

Baseball Kame: his other attractive side~ )
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By now the world must know just how much I love Kyoukasho Ni Nosetai...

And you want to know why?

It's because the Hosts and Guests are my heroes! They get to do things to/with Tatchan that we can only dream of doing... they've got pervy intentions like us fans.

So they were do some light abs exercise, when this man got up from his seat on the the other side to the room, walked over to Tatchan and raised his shirt for the world to see his perfect abs... then everyone got drooling! (screencaps above and below cut).

*Anyway a rough trans of this part of the clip - mind you, my Japanese is far from perfect & correct me if I'm wrong, but*......

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PiKameNo - I think everyone was having a bad hair day... well except Kame of course (hehehe)

Oh I haven't been following Pi lately (blames Shige) but I did enjoy his cute & funny chibi days... and then there's chibi Kame - looking intense and mischievous at the same time... I love his hair like this, black, long and pulled in a ponytail - one thing I miss about the 'skinny' Kame - is his striking/sharp facial features... and then there's Junno wearing a suit standing to the side in the back like Kame's bodyguard - I must say I LOL-ed, it's not everyday Junno has a bad hair day - but he was still an adorable cutie! *-* 

Happy Thursday!

Based on an earlier discussion, I believe this photo was taken at their 'Coming of Age Ceremony' back in 2006 around the period of NWP.

Photo credit: I either don't know or can't remember >.< *forgive me owner*
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OMG! I laughed so hard when watching these few seconds of utter chaos and silliness!

This must have been the best soup fight ever! and I must have watched it 10+ times and cracked up even harder!

Edit to say, I believe Kame was out for revenge after having his kiss stolen: Kame - :
  • Poured hot soup on Nakamaru
  • Slapped Uepi in his head
  • Shove Junno into the tub of hot water: and
  • I guess Koki was spared because his kiss was stolen too >.<

Fr: 20120101 - 'KAT-TUN's Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru ni!

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It's over - sad, ain't? no more adorable silliness, no more KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetakunaru >_<
The finale was really special - the rolling challenge was so funny and Taguchi's corner was as lively and expecting as ever... Tatchan proved powered up and super fit as well... Yuichi is forever stuck with his 'quiz corner', Koki and his weird 'world record challenges and undies' and Kame, of course, always killing us with his charm - food, flowers and smiles *-*

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Birth and Star Rider Shop Preview [group + mostly kame]

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***click screencaps to read caption

... Because the ladies find him cool and sexy....
.... and the Ikemen check him out every Sunday even though he finds Maru's popular wink a bit off...

check it out!

Sundays with Yuichi.... )
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Beautiful Kuya Moments~
Ueda Tatsuya is Kuya in Runaway~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni

Sundays with Kuya~ )
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Sundays with KAT-TUN... - I'll post the actual scans when I get them...

Sundays with the Cool and Collective KAT-TUN )
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.... because my first LJ entry was that of Kame and an episode of his former Kase by Kase radio programme... I think I shall mark today (my 1 year Anniversary on LJ) with another Kame or rather KAMEARI (those familiar with ks by ks will understand this)...
This is so freaking funny.
So I was watching Arakawa Under the  Bridge (The anime which btw is a MUST watch), when I realised the most unexpected thing.... and this is similar to my earlier post about grown men getting excited over Kame...

Kame, Kameari )
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It's amazing and always entertaining that whether it's baseball or just a drama talk show promo, grown men just can't resist the urge to touch Kame...
hmmm, I guess they see the charm and sexiness we all drool over...

So, during Kame's 2011.10.22 PON appearance, the Host 'above' had fallen victim to Kame's charm or maybe it was Kame who had fallen victim to the man's gripping touch....

sequence of events below :

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Copper wig aside, LoL at Tatchan's shirt... I love it !
... and so does everyone else breaking necks to take a peek *-*...

love and is loving kat-tun... )
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Makes you want to know what he's talking about, right? *-*


I really love his facial definition... and his stares will forever be this intense & piercing... ....

(c) arisuaru + other owners
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(c) iruka223

 20111003 Junno on Sekai Maru Mie! TV Tokusoubu SP Preview

Dying to see Junno in action again *-*

on a side note, Kame's 'Bad Dreams' has been on my mind all morning!

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Has anyone ever told you that you, ‘have a very strange way of showing your love and affection?’

Well, something tells me that everyday Junno must be preaching this gospel to one Ueda Tatsuya… and it’s true, Ueda does have a strange way of showing his affection to the taller lad.

A day in the life of Junno & Tatsuya...  )
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Screencap intended to highlight Kame's very colourful punky brewster socks...
yappari, he really is an idol hehe
baseball and Kame's punky brewster socks... )

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