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"Project Getting to Know NewS" continues... and As my NewS ichiban, Shige deserves a picspam ne >.<
So here are 9 random pictures of Shige (really random)...
..... but to me they are funny, cute (weirdly cute) and makes me more interested in 'the' Shige *-*

I just really love this photo... maybe it's because he looks his most natural here...
...... relaxed, calm and collective!

random shige >.< )
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Continuing with my "Project Getting to Know NewS", let me just say,
ewS are Hot, Kool & Sexy!!!!!!"

Ohhhh... so this is the famous "man - 'Boobs' I love them! {chuckle}
Yamapi is well toned... now I'm all pumped up to watch 'Ashita no Joe" *wide grin*

NewS picSpam~~~~ they are hot & kool too! )


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I'm so happy right now... like real happiness since Friday [until I watch/read the news again later] but.... First off, someone commented on a post in my journal saying that because of that post, they are now a KAT-TUN Fan (^_^) YAYY!!!!.... I am just so happy being able to spread the KAT-TUN LOVE.... I just want to go crazy spamming now heehhehe.... Thank you guys for your support!!!

Ok, and on to the PicSpam, following my "Project Getting to Know NewS" and "Project Getting to Know Arashi" my picspams no longer include just KAT-TUN.. but single pics of my ichibans or person of interest from the other groups... So I'm finally getting to know more my beloved MatsuJun, and surprisingly, although I still fall over YamapI, obviously because he's hot,  my new NewS ichiban is now Shige *smiles* honestly, I'm just getting to know him through his interviews and essays, but whenever I read them my heart warms and my mind tingles at his deep thinking... so now I need to see him in lives and dramas or variety shows to confirm if he's truly the person I imagine him to be...  

Nakame - I bet they are ganging up on Koki again  ne ^)^

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Following through with my "Project Getting to Know NewS", I came across this interview done by Nippon Project, and found it cute, funny and well done... I got a sneak peek into Tegomass' personality back in 2006 and decided to share with any new NewS fan/follower such as myself  and anyone else who missed it ^)^

Nippon Project Exclusive Interview with Tegomass )


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Watch / Download the video below, which includes some great dancing by Amuro and Yamapi!
doWnloAD / waTCH viDEo.. )
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When Amuro Namie revealed her collaboration album concept a couple weeks ago, one of the surprises was the inclusion of Yamashita Tomohisa on a track called, “Unusual“. 

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Tegomass Fan Q&A (translation)


28/02/2011, No8-1578


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First and foremost, Johnny’s Entertainment is known for producing male idols, and while many have tried to make a name for themselves as an actor, only a few are actually competing in the same league as full-fledged actors.

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It's official, Oricon Style has reported that NEWS member Nishikido Ryo will be the lead star for upcoming drama series, “Inu wo Kau to iukoto ~Sky to Wagaya no 180 nichi~“, which will start in April on TV Asahi (Every Friday at 11:15 PM).


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Via allkpop:

Yamashita Tomohisa (YamapI)
will be appearing on next week’s episode of Mnet’s M Countdown!

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NEWS duo, Tegomass made an appearance on the latest episode of MUSIC STATION, which was aired on February 18th!  The boys performed their latest single “Aoi Bench.”


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Kanjani 8’s new commercial for Hi-Chew’s “Kamigokochi UP de Chew!” began airing in Japan earlier today.

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The video has already been posted elsewhere but here's a hard translation of what transpired on “笑っていいとも (Waratte Iitomo)” - download links of the preview is also included:

download translation and video>>>>> )

Please to meet you Tegomass *_*
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Last month on January 29th, YamaPi finished one of his tour stops in Hong Kong, and during the show, he introduced as Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee Chan, as his good friend. 


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Shigeaki Kato (23) from NEWS will trade his pop star image for an insurance company worker in his upcoming drama, reports Ori-suta magazine.  

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NEWS were very biased in their answers which I found cute and funny... it made me smile and think that I want to know them more... their member AI seems strong and every one seems to support each other!!!!

***** sorry I don't have the time to reorganise the questions/answers the way I did KAT-TUN's (after all I always seem to go the extra mile for them *_*)

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