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Is it safe to say we'll have an awesome MV for 「TRAGEDY」? I think it is ^^

Let the Countdown begin!!!

And happy watching Lord Yamaneko later!

from: 2016.01.22 Zip
(c) harurun
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KT mezza
I LOVE KAT-TUN!!!!! ★★★★

 previews of Kusabi and Gimme Luv PVs

2013.11.15 Mezamashi:→ HERE & HERE & HERE
2013.11.15 Pon:→ HERE
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:: Face to Face full track
:: Face to Face PV
:: FLASH by Junno
:: Face to Face Making Video
:: Face to Face Game Corner

Please support KAT-TUN by purchasing the Face to Face Single if you can.

Download )
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face to face preview aimee
*_____________* so pretty! I can't wait for a longer version... or heck, the full version!

2013.04.25 Mezanyu - KAT-TUN "FACE TO FACE" Preview ①
Length: 00:27secs
Resolution: 720 x 1280
Size: 7.38MB
Download: 2shared :: mediafire

2013.04.25 Mezamashi TV - KAT-TUN "FACE TO FACE" Preview ②
Length: 00:41secs
Resolution: 480 x 640
Size: 3.22MB
Download: 2shared :: mediafire

gif: [ profile] itz_menos
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2013.02.06 KAT-TUN - EXPOSE Single

Full Tracklist:

Brand New Day
Connect & Go
遙か東の空へ (Haruka Higashi no Sora e) *Incl. in Le 1 folder
Steps to Love

Download: Mediafire Le 1 I Le 2 :: 2shared Le 1 I Le 2
Source/Credit: 通常+初回AB
Password for Le 2: antijpddl


2013.02.06 Expose (PV) - KAT-TUN  )


2013.02.06 Connect & Go (PV) - KAT-TUN )

2013.02.06 Snowflake by Nakamaru Yuichi (PV) ~ solo )
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So I like Connect & Go BUT......... let's say I'm still helplessly hoping for some exposure in "EXPOSE"... it's a good PV, and I like it for what it is and I LOVE the bird thingy... BUT *whines a bit* no skin showing, no dark eye make-up~ I need the full PV

2013-01-24 ZIP KAT-TUN Connect&Go and Expose previews
Length: 1:35mins
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (HQ)
Size: 60.51MB
Download: Mediafire :: 2shared
Source: Popo_t @YT

do NOT hotlink!
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white lovers
A beautiful man with a beautiful voice ♥

2012.12.19 WHITE LOVERS (Shiawase na Toki) by GACKT (PV)
Length: 5:45mins
Resolution: mkv (1280x720) :: TS (1440x1080)
Size: AVI (146MB) :: TS (228MB)
Download: HQ
MKV: Mediafire :: 2shared
TS: Mediafire :: 2shared 001 I 002 I 003 I Change file extension from km to ts before or after joining
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Because GACKT's perfection must grace my journal (◕‿◕✿)

2012.10.10 Hakuro by GACKT (PV+Track) )
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Promotional Video ~ Choreography done by Taguchi Junnosuke

2012.09.12 Fumetsu no Scrum by KAT-TUN (PV)
Length: 3:31mins
Resolution: AVI (1280x720) :: TS (1440x1080)
Size: AVI (122MB) :: TS (156MB)
Download: HQ
AVI: Mediafire :: 2shared ------> converted by me
TS: Mediafire :: 2shared
Credit incl screencap:

Remember~ do NOT hotlink! do NOT copy and paste links elsewhere!
Still purchase this single if you can.
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This song is healthy business! I feel so bouncy with Junno's choreo and their awesome singing (^-^)/
... ...

20120907 Fumetsu no Scrum PV (short ver.)
Length: 1:18mins
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 20.80MB
Download: 2shared :: RS
Source/Credit: honuism@YT ----> ripped and converted by me

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Oh this PV looks so playful! and I'm loving Junno's choreography *___*

20120822 Fumetsu no Scrum [PV preview]

Resolution: 480p
Length: 00:46secs
Zip: RS :: 2shared
source: xxxluvj74@YT ----> mp4 ripped by me

Resolution: 720p
Length: 00:49secs
Mezamashi: RS :: 2shared
Source: honey10931@YT ----> mp4 ripped by me

Please support KAT-TUN by purchasing this single if you can~
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Artist : KAT-TUN
Title (Single) : TO THE LIMIT
Release Date : 2012.06.27

... ...

Download )
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...because such greatness as TTL needs to grace my journal ;-)


20120618 TO THE LIMIT short version:~
Download: mp4
Size: 31.37MB
Ripped from:xxxluvj74@YT
Gif: as watermarked
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Nothing I say now will make sense...  just too many things to flail about and laugh about and I'm laughing with tears falling because it's just... it's just... KAT-TUN surprised me again!

Definitely NOT what I expected the pv to be but I love it and want the full version...

--- ---

Download: To The Limit Preview )
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is finally here


LOCK ON: Download~ )

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Artist : KAT-TUN
Title (Single) : BIRTH
Release Date : 2011.11.30


BIRTH is KAT-TUN's best single for 2011, earning them the No.1 single of the week in Japan and the group's 17th No.1 in their career..... source: [oricon]


Thank you for not hotlinking!

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20111119 Zoomin!! Saturday BIRTH PV Preview
Length: 2:32mins
Size: 8:49MB (lq)
Streaming: YT

Order your copy/copies of "BIRTH" Today!
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The making of “Mada Minu Sekai e” includes their photo shoot for their CD cover and features Aiba Masaki wearing purple contacts for the filming.

Download ! )
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KaTTUN's goodness below!

The Making of KAT-TUN's "WHITE" )
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Ever since my friend sent me CN Blue's "First Step" album 3 weeks ago, I've been addicted to track 3 -'L.O.V.E. Girl' and finally the PV is out!
After listening to "First Step", "Bluelove" and "Bluetory" albums, I think I've Officially declared CN Blue as my best K(pop)-Indie Band! They are just L.O.V.E.... and I just had to post it here!

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