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It's an emergency meeting!!!!!

There is one thing I need to tell you.
so although it's sudden, I had you all come
You know...

Our concert DVD,
took first place!
You guys,
thank yooouuu!!!!!"

@Tatsugumi Vol 12

Oh my! My heart stopped for a bit, wondering 'WHAT? WHAT? WHAT NOW? WHAT NEW JOB HAVE YOU GOT?!"

And then the same heart sank a bit.

Oricon is nice but.... Uepi I want to spank you for playing with my already fragile heart~ go find proper and nuff work and put me at ease.

*sigh* Well at least BOSS is cute~ he writes tough to sound tough but he comes off cute lol


Aug. 17th, 2016 11:56 pm
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saitama and genos
I remembered about today up until yesterday, but then today turned out wickedly busy and so I totally forgot about the 10Ks DVD until the delivery guy called to ask when is a good time to drop it off~ tomorrow ;_;

But yeah, how do I put it? Now we officially have nothing (known), to look forward to.  Kinda sad... and almost kinda lonely.

Hopefully JE will hurry and announced some sort of solo project where fans can somehow get involved.... and yes, I'm still praying for a Ueda solo concert!
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takano val
hehe Gosh! These two are like perfection!

But man~ be it affection or not, I wish I would still get Christmas gifts. I think I've grown so independent that my family probably thinks I don't care for gifts anymore... well to be fair, I'm hardly ever home for Christmas but still~ *sighs*

Anyway, I still have some postcards to send out... I only remembered them after Christmas ><"

But yeah, presents or not, early or late postcards~ I wish everyone here a 'belated' Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!!!!
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the things i do for love

Putting aside things already paid for, and this month's single and dvd releases ~

-- Premium tickets for GACKT's Last Visualive = ¥30,000 (still debating ~ to do or not to do?)
-- Regular tickets for GACKT's Last Visualive = ¥8,640 (and I NEED many!)
-- GACKT's new album = ¥18,144
-- GACKT's Platinum Box = ¥9,504


-- KAT-TUN = still a mystery for countdown and anniversary... which makes them all the more dangerous! ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥


happiness is important.
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2015.08.28 Tabe Tame cr. 燈籠章魚2015.08.28 Tabe Tame cr. 燈籠章魚 1
Poking - I like poking. Be it in the ribs, stomach, shoulder or... (use your imagination)

... it's looks good on JunDa.

2015.08.28 Tame Tabe cr. 勝運每天都在等新单的咩酱
The tsundere!Uepi and a DereDere!Junno

Like good cooked food, what's there not to love?!

from: 2015.08.28 Tame Tabi ep.17
gif (c) 燈籠章魚 & 勝運每
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Bemu vs Kuuya by stephmendes on deviantART
hehe this comic strip never gets old |・ω・`)
ET!Kame and the trigger of Uepi's transformation ;)

(c) Bemu vs Kuuya by stephmendes on deviantART
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2015.08.09 GoSpo @气气是饺子大王 - 1 2015.08.09 GoSpo @气气是饺子大王

The shit is happening!!!! GACKT finally announced the dates for his LAST VISUALIVE!!! Feels like I've waited an eternity for this! And I'm not exaggerating how much I needed this tour to happen *rolls away*

And then I actually won a ticket to Ueda's butai in November!!!!! )

And then, there's this gif up toparrow~ I haven't yet seen Sunday's GoSpo to know what's going on with Kame loving up 'Ueda-san' but LOL~ these two are really something frown faceheh

...good shit is happening!

from: 2015.08.09 GoSpo
gif (c) 气气是饺子大王
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It's only Tuesday but...
...somehow I feel like the guy with a pencil stuck in his head~ "Ouch"!.
And ... I've no Tame Tabi to look forward to this Friday

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone
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lol These 4~ such Idiots arrowbut~ hey... kaos-panda15

Yeah, as I told a friend, I'm busy busy, broke broke but happy happy! )


Feb. 8th, 2015 02:27 pm
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blank stare

I heard KISS KISS KISS played on yesterday's Hang Out. And my first reaction was;

"Is this KAT-TUN?! They sound so... Johnnys". And don't fancy 'Johnnys songs/melody'.

Meaning there was nothing in the song "KAT-TUN-ish" that I could recognise, except their voices. The song sounded like a random Johnnys song to me.

So for someone like me who pays no attention to song lyrics )
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psycho pass ep 16
*giggles* I'd Patrick's exact expression while watching this scene
*a sudden gasp as fujoshi kicked in*

~But on a serious note;

psycho pass ep
Psyco-Pass is one wickedly action-packed, brain stimulating & entertaining creation!
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Selling 2 tickets;
Date: December 30th.

Inbox me if interested to buy!
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Forrest Gump stage play (Junno) - 1 ticket for sale: Osaka June 26, 2pm show
If interested (seriously interested) or know someone who is, please send me a message;
or reply here ~ comments are screened ^^
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○o○o。Haha, these two!!!!. This moment is always nostalgic at Christmas (o≧▽゜)o

Merry Christmas and an even merrier New Year, to all my pals on here!!!
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It's THE DAY!!!! The release of Kusabi~ and what a beautiful creation it is
First place on Oricon with 98,653 copies for the first day.

And KAT-TUN was just amazing tonight on Best Artist performing Keep the Faith and Kusabi ★★★★
not only that, Uepi has a new hair-do *grins*

gif (c) gdweed.deviantart

Ticket !

Nov. 27th, 2013 08:49 am
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KT 2013 coundown logo

If anyone knows anyone who wants a ticket to KAT-TUN concert on Dec 30, let me know. Send me a message. Thanks! Ticket to buy of course ^^

And if anyone knows anyone selling for the 31st, please let me know ;)
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Today I came home to 3 suspiciously heavy boxes. I pulled them opened and KABOOM!
Apparently, my friend sent me ALL her KAT-TUN collection... Concert DVDs from before KT's debut, all Dream Boys DVDs and photobooks, ALL CD Singles since Real Face to Run For You, ALL albums to No More Pain, Kame shop photos, magazines, concert trinkets... and I'm all because while I'm HAPPY!!!!!!! I'm also sad whenever someone leaves KAT-TUN... but sometimes these things can't be helped... it's like right now you know deep down that you'll never leave not just KAT-TUN, but fandom on a whole... yet, you just never know what 3 or 5 years down the line has in store...

Anyway, I was planning to go hunting for everything pre-2010 (before I entered fandom), so I shall enjoy these precious treasures in the present and remain strong-hearted!

Thank you, hun! Christmas does come early
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levi x eren i'll train you like a dog
Haha this was Eren's first encounter with Levi (well in the actual anime) and even to the end Levi was quite the sadist ~! but asl;ss'sf's'sajs!!! it has ended! But really, putting my Levi x Eren jokes aside, Shingeki no Kyojin is undeniably the best anime series for the summer season. Even down to the last second, like literally, this series had me on the edge of my seat. It was perfect in every sense - wonderful and intriguing storyline, AMAZING action scenes - the fights are beyond awesome, and the art is beautiful in so many ways, and the of course, great/strong characters... Mikasa is such a badass - whenever she fights, I totally go gay for her ><, Armin is a genius! and then there's Levi, always pokerfaced but his personality is so refreshing in a way you have to watch to find out... and then Eren, I'm so in love with Titan!Eren... the same way I fall crazy for Kyuubi!Naruto and Hallow!Ichigo

I can't wait for season 2... but now that season 1 is over, I'll read the manga and while I wait, I'm sure I'll rewatch season 1 and have an amazing marathon!
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levi and eren 1
After seeing the final episode of Free, I really need my crack OTP #levi x eren lol Seriously, what's up with Levi's eyes/expression? Jealously or irritation? (not that it ever changes hehe). Even Eren is sweating. Levi is about to kill someone, yet I find the scenario too cute and LOL at the same time - I must be a mad women >< Back to Free... omg! I'm not happy one bit! and it's not even the Rin x Haru or Mako x Haru, it's more like, WTH? Rei shouldn't have had to do that and they let him! smh! *breathes* okay, back to Shingeki... I'm having way too much fun teasing these two ^^... but on a more serious note, I can't wait for the badass finale this week!!!

Cr. Tsubaki
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levi and eren
ROFL... honestly, I was resisting, but a possible 'Levi x Eren' is just too hilarious to pass up as an OTP... they crack me up!
using an appropriate JunDa icon ^^

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