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I think I have a pretty good idea of what each KT member is up to.

- Like Kame's P to JK roadshow is about to happen and he's appearing on all these TV segments.
- And Nakamaru, his drama is almost here so I'm guessing soon he'll be promoting too.
- And Uepi's drama is at it's climax. Though to be honest, I'm not a drama person but for Uepi's sake, I tried...

Yet, I still feel out of sorts.

I want to watch them tease each other )
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that enough
With a hiatus, I didn't expect KT to show up at Johnnys Countdown, and honestly, I wasn't expecting even a Christmas message from them but they gave us THREE separate messages~ and so I can't help but think whoever is responsible has really taken this hiatus too far. Sure, they're on a short break (supposedly short), but they're still a group and it's a Christmas message! and the messages were so generic... almost pointless~ this was perhaps their one chance, the one grey area they could've used to put our minds at ease...

Ugh, one day, I'm all happy and hopeful and the next day, these people (KT included), they make me roll my eyes so much that they're about to fall out... constant eye-rolling and sighing~ soon I'll be out of breath UGH.
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Maybe we should start worrying when nothing in fandom surprises us anymore.

This is not a rant~ more like closure~ let's take it from the top.

So this brings me to today's discovery... announcement of Junno releasing a single and already set up a fan club... )
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kat-tun fans watching other JE Fans 1

because, well~ that sums up how I feel after KT's last Shounen Club Premium.

And No! (before folks get stupid with misinterpretation), no hard feelings towards NEWS or if it were any other group. Just naturally sad that we lost them (sad and jealous) -  even though I knew it was coming, it finally hit that "Shit... no more awesome KAT-TUN on 3rd Wednesdays".

As I said last time, SCP was good for KAT-TUN and HYPHENS.

But yeah, nothing to do about it.

After all, we're just potatoes... or in this case, we're a Squidward.
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You know, since this whole ordeal started, last week was the first time I felt anger towards KAT-TUN. No lie. Before was more like that depressing sort of sadness that I tried to ignore. But after seeing screencaps of this month's Shounen Club Premium I felt so mad at them because I thought, "what a waste - looking all happy when you're about to give up something as great as SCP". It continued into Friday that I actually fell asleep during Tame Tabi (I've NEVER done this... even if I was dying to sleep as soon as it was time for Tame Tabi, my eyes would automatically sparkle wide open). Then on Saturday, I didn't even pay attention to Yamaneko... my mood just wasn't there... AND THEN came Sunday when while finally watching SCP, I fell so inlove with the 4 of them again. I think my face was set in a grin the full hour while watching and replaying parts laughing and I even rebuked myself for feeling angy before.

And so I became happy again.

Then today, the reality went knock knock )
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Gintama ep247
Today was a strange day for me.

From missing my morning bus (even after running mad like Usain Bolt), to realising a while after that I'd lost one of my earrings that held some deep memories... to KAT-TUN announcing their concert *dances* to then realising my long time fear of "SHIT! These dates clash with my GACKT concert dates - already booked and paid for"... to then literally feeling my mood drop lower and lower and sink each time I see the '3人' and knowing now for sure that it's final... then being happy again that 3人 will carry on, but to then again fall when I see the '3人' and knowing that the KAT-TUN I know and love, even if for the better, it will change ~ then my mood changed again when while walking home some 9 hrs later, I found my earring sparkling at the bus stop *miracles happen* - apparently it had fallen off after I'd very angrily pulled off my scarf in annoyance after running so hard to have still missed the bus LOL

And so here I am.  Not sad. Not happy. Just here. Waiting for things to settle.

But for the record;

♪ FEATHERS★★ is awesome!

I'm really glad I found a song I can keep on loop... the last time this happened was with the Kusabi mini album. I wish they would keep doing songs like this. But that's a pipe dream.
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lots of feelings

You know, two years ago when Koki left, I made the instant decision that these guys can't be trusted. It's sad but it's the truth. And so, many times, without even noticing, while the other four members tell us how much they love us and will never leave us, in the back of my mind, there was a voice shouting 'liar... liar... liar'. That's how much Koki's leaving or rather, firing affected me... since that day, I decided that as much as I love them, KAT-TUN can not be trusted... not Kame, not Nakamaru, not Tatsuya and not even the crying Junno. Even when all the members gave their messages - apologies taken - apologies understood - but I always felt like one day soon, another member will betray those feelings they tried so hard to convey. I don't know much about Jin, but for the five members I grew to love, I really don't think they are bad people.  I really think they love us and I do believe that whatever promises they make to us, that they honestly think they'll be able to deliver... but mankind is mankind.

But of course, even with all the expectation and self-defense of distrust, you can never be prepared for a member leaving a haven you've grown to love.

Nothing could have prepared me for Junno's leaving.

And I could've said the same for Koki but I think Junno was... is... was... is... good for KAT-TUN... )On a 'member ai' basis, I can see Nakamaru and Ueda being good together... Nakamaru and Kame being good with each other... and Kame and Ueda being good together, I can see all three of them being good together BUT, it's really Junno who perfectly blends and naturally smudges the lines between everyone.

JunDa... this OTP of mine might prove to be a whole different and difficult hurdle. Btw, I recommend playing the audio for this clip ^^ *Sooo cute*

I hope Junno is happy with the choice he has made... but for now, just for now, for the time being, I hope he's just as miserable and losing sleep the way we are now. My misery needs company! )

But, you know what's even crazier?

If I could do it all over again... If I could go 5 years back to that day I first stumbled upon them... then unblinkingly... curiously... without hesitation... very gladly... and simply naturally... I would choose KAT-TUN again.


Oct. 26th, 2015 06:35 pm
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For some strange reason, I missed the news that another group is confirmed for Countdown in Kyocera Dome this year.

I can't tell if I'm sad or disappointed or going restless right now.

Yes! I'm selfish. I want a KT Countdown every year.  And so what? As a fan and the only JE group that I follow, I find no problem with that.

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Angry John
oh man~ this was me earlier after getting that email that basically said, "GUESS WHAT? YOU WON... Oops not really... but you do get a wallpaper and an online video to make you feel better".

Well not that I expected any luck ><;

Anyway, the wallpaper here; KISSx3 or here
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come here pic

Generally, you won't find me overexpectant and excited for covers per se, but really;

Is JE uncreative or just lazy?!

And being April Fools' Day and all, I'd to check the main website to confirm ><'
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Imagine how the day started with this awesome crack ListenRadio CM with KAT-TUN... then a few hours later, there was the buzz about the release of ♪ In Fact on 06/04 with the promise of a cool and fashionable KAT-TUN, charming to the core with a catchy melody and gorgeous dance moves... then you read further and realise;

  1. The VERY LONG AWAITED Kamenashi solo, is not happening (well it's not listed); and

  2. There will be a Katsumode DVD - but only 10, 000 lucky fans will be blessed with this from a lottery...

Sometimes, most times... JE is beyond any logical comprehension.
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Those who know me will know that as much as I love Kame, Junno, Koki, Tatsuya and Nakamaru individually, that there's one thing I love more... KAT-TUN.

This perfection... this completeness... it's all I want... all I need.
But, it's a new week... )
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So I just received a mail from Johnny's fanclub that Koki decided to leave KAT-TUN... That's what they said... Tanaka Koki decided to leave KAT-TUN. That's what they said... Johnny's 'f*cking' Entertainment... Johnny and Associates... THOSE SHITTY-ASS BASTARDS!!!!!!

I feel like I could take a truck and beat the shit out of everyone in that agency.

I'm not even going through the effort of screencapping it, so the original message is below in Japanese... use google translate or whatever.

Fandom is giving me a bloody headache, diarrhea and I'm sure lots of grey hair.

... I just don't understand this world anymore. )

MSG from Koki to members in fax

> thank you for being my friend, always<

cr: _jinholic
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Some days fandom just makes me so~ *sighs*
the 'alleged' real story behind Koki's picture I linked in this post. I mean, I saw it but brushed the idea aside because really, why would he be naked? The picture is already bad with what's probably in his hand... Why would Koki show his naked self to anyone... worse yet, a fan? Why would an idol or entertainer or celebrity trust a fan?

Here's the story: majide2ch.blogspot

And with this I'm just speechless...

Nothing seems right, right now. With this, KAT-TUN may suffer some way or another.


Oct. 2nd, 2013 07:16 pm
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Dalek, doctor who
Tanaka Koki will be the end of me!!!!!

Just when I thought he's back... lost some weight but back on screen.... then KABOOM!!!!!!

I need a drink until we get an explanation.  
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that enough

As it were, KAT-TUN won’t be doing the opening song for Kame’s new drama, ‘Tokyo Bandwagon’. Instead, a temp. duo unit consisting of Kame and his co-star, Koji, called ‘Hotta-ke Band’ will do it… anyway, the news is all over the place like Tokyohive, if you need more info.

And yeah... maybe I’m slowly starting to understand why people ‘leave’ fandom.

It’s the pressure… the pressure of not knowing what the heck is going on… so they save themselves the misery and angst and just leave for the greener grass on the other side (if they can find any).

And yeah I’m into Kame and all (duh) and I’m excited for the drama but I just can’t be happy about this new single, ‘Sayounara, Arigatou’ to be released in November under jstorm. I mean, what the heck is this duo unit about? Does JE think that with each member actively doing their solo assignments that everyone would be happy and to hell with KAT-TUN as a group?

Seriously, JE… stop it, already! That’s enough!

It’s unsettling. This news leaves a bitter taste in my mouth… BUT hey, don’t get me wrong! There’s no doubt about it… I’m not one of those people who can’t stand the pressure. As long as there’s KAT-TUN as a group, I will always be a HYPHEN. Maybe I’m a masochist, but I rather think about it as happier days are coming, and that they will be GREAT!

And on a different/happier note, I knew it all along... but after this week's episode, I've confirmed my HUGE crush on Roronoa Zoro #One Piece

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I'm having a horrible day where everything is making me pissed.

Maybe it's the rainy weather...

Or maybe it's the chilly breeze that comes with it...
Or it could be that I spent (and no exaggeration here) all of yesterday (New Year's Day) at the airport...
But maybe it started with the Airline losing my luggage and at 2:30am I was still at the airport of my destination filing a report...
I ended up getting only 2.5hrs of sleep before having to get up for work...
And did I mention that it's still raining?
But I think what triggered my low mood mostly - like the last nerve - is learning that for 2013, once KAT-TUN fans are HYPHENS no more... It depresses me. I mean, I do expect them to leave, because I think most of KT fans are fickle, but it still saddens me... And it saddens me even more when I recall KAT-TUN's talks about their fear of their fans leaving them. I feel like I want to run to meet them and reassure them that I'm here... Even if their singles, albums, concerts, bangumi, clothes, hairstyle sucks at times... I'll be here because more than anything, since the very beginning, it was never the music... I'm a HYPHEN because of their very KAT-TUN personalities.

Congrats KAT-TUN, upon your CHAIN Tour being voted the #1 concert for 2012 in the Only Star ~ it's all about the personality.

Happy New Year~
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Like seriously, thanks to Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (Pipa), Megaupload just got shutdown with half my files!!!!!!  - sopa-is-now-dead

US Federal prosecutors have accused MU of costing copyright holders more than $500m (£320m) in lost revenue. BUT, the announcement came a day after the "blackout" to protest against Sopa and Pipa. (Source:   *suspicious*

Most of my GACKT videos are hosted there not to mention Youkai Bemu and Runaway episodes!

Now I'm all freaked out about Mediafire - which if the same thing happens - my LJ and Fandom to the LARGER extent are basically dead!

Try and imagine a life not stalking KAT-TUN! - nearly impossible!

UPDATE 1: Update 21: - the URL that is floating around "" is a scam site and will infect your computer. We advise against visiting this site. (Source:

UPDATE 2: Sopa (dropped) & Pipa (suspended)! (Source: mashable)
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(c) unsoon

As for me - I'm most of the above.

Ok, I don’t know where to start so let’s start from the main point.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, as of now all KAT-TUN related files will be kept under f-lock. This includes cross posting to communities as well.

By now everyone must know that nothing in my journal except for my ‘silly’ fangirl spazzings belong to me. Magazine Scans and videos were posted via someone – whether through Original owner or another middle person. The only thing I ever took credit for was video conversion.

For this reason, I’ve ALWAYS provided the names of who is to be credited. For Scans I go as far as to include the names and/or source so that even after you download the material, you’ll always know who to credit. As for videos, they are always credited and in the event, the direct person/individual isn’t known, then the source of the file is always mentioned.

For this reason, and for those who have asked, I’ve always said, if you want to repost anything from this journal, please do so BUT please keep ALL the Original Credits. And the original credit does not include me.

If you browse through my journal then you’ll see that even silly gifs that I normally pick up in Google images has a credit attached.

In any case, when you feel the need to repost without the proper credit and then get caught, it’s only then you’ll opt to point out that you got stuff from my LJ.

Quite frankly, while all my files may not be authorized because they were posted publicly, I’m tired of taking the fall for those who repost without even telling me but then when busted, redirect the fire for me to take the burn… and this has happened a few times before – but I settled the matter and decided not to let those who care or are affected suffer.

Since joining LJ, everything I do is for the love of KAT-TUN. In my own way I’ve always tried to contribute something to the fandom. As I said before, nothing in this journal belongs to me completely. I can’t translate so I am of no use there; I’m no good at graphic design; as for scanning ( as shitty as the quality is – I only reshare what’s publicly shared and which is done within discretion; and I’ll never own an original video because living 14 hours behind Japan’s time makes things sorta impossible.

However, I always try to share. I’m always thinking of how to get other’s involved. How to make others enjoy whatever KAT-TUN has been up to… because let’s admit it, the more we get and know about them it’s the more we fall deeper in love with and appreciate them.

Many times, I post things here first without even watching it beforehand and even though I post scans, there are many times (like the last set of scans I posted), as soon as I access them I just post them without fully giving it a read through because I don’t have the time… but I do it ASAP because I know others may want to see it.

All I ever tried to do is to be of use around the fandom. But when people go around taking stuff and repost without the proper credit then word gets around that I’m stealing files – so I think it’s time for me to stop and think and I’ve decided that it’s time…

This past year and few months was good while it lasted with sharing KAT-TUN stuff with you all… I’ve met some great people through this process.

But I’ve decided that fandom should ONLY serve me ONE purpose… and that single purpose is to release my stress – not cause it.

So as of now, all KT files (if I do decide to still post) will become f-locked and I’ll go through my list to add a few people who I know have always supported me and this journal.

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