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KAT-TUN's 11th Anniversary since debut can be summed up in many ways, but this fanart just about covers it near perfectly for me XD

and this just brings me all smiles~

2017.3.20 Nakamaru's Page No.1606

3人, thanks for still existing and come back soon (*´˘`*)♡

fanart (c) @mochi_mochi233
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I reacted like Courage when I saw these tweets~

Johnny's All Stars Island today (12.7)

It's like, I'd hoped things would happen soon, like next year soon but I was still sceptical~ but with this, whatever tiny hope I had just mega jumped into me getting ready by thinking, "Time to start saving for KAT-TUN".

and really, that last tweet~ Junno is loved!

And if that's not enough happiness, then how about an official announcement of Tatsuya's drama?

"Shikaku Tantei Higure Tabibito" (Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi) will start on January 22, 2017~ Sundays @ 10:30.

The crazy eyes are back!

ueda drama 1

And who wants to be that yellow tank top hugging those muscles?

ueda drama 2

2017~ I'm looking forward to things!

Thx irisyui @ twitter here & here & here
Ueda's screencaps from this clip
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the moment Life was waiting for~ lol

But yeah, Tatsuya's stamina/sports sense is amazing! ~ Life goals ♡。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

from: 2016.11.24 Zeus
vine (c) yukari
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Baseball!Kame~ I kind of feel bad when he was trying so hard but all I could focus on was his ass running with him lol

White always does a wonderful job of showing everything... )

But man~ it's this last pic that will send me straight to hell! Just look at that loveliness~

gospo 2016.11.20

All hail Kame's ass !

And see you all in hell.

vine 1 (c) yukari
vine 2 (c) kurara
screencap (c) 1582ree316
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junda 2
I don't think another world but theirs alone exists~ and so I had the sudden urge to do a quick JunDa spam... well, maybe not sudden since I always have the urge to paint the world in their cherry colour ;-)

We should start with;

Somethings just never change (they really don't)~ like Uepi loving up Junno~
He must find Junno tall, warm and comfortable... the way he hugs his whole body around him like Junno is his free for all *such bliss*

and then;

I really think Junno enjoys being fondled by Uepi. )

And then...

Junno has a strange way of viewing Tatsuya. It's really not normal... and now I'm even more excited just thinking what weird fantasies Junno must be having...

Let's start with;

A Pole Dancer!!! )

He says "thats' so funny" and I say "that's so suspicious" XD

Okay! Let's get some magazine translations in the mix~

When Junno talks about him and Tatsuya, It's warm and fuzzy and tastes of cherry.

When Junno talks about him and Tatsuya, It's warm and fuzzy and tastes of cherry )

I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD after reading this! I don't know, it's like..... well (JunDa bias or not), you must get what I mean~ right?

There's a love there.

And a love was here too - Junno made reference to it in the translation up top; it never fails to make me laugh. I bet Uepi didn't think Junno would trick him like that (lol) They are frigging kids with their innocent teasing ^^

~Laughing a thousand miles~ this Shounen Club Premium ep is love all over!


And I'm head over heels DONE!

thanks peeps ^^ )
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Junda-TameTabi2015.08.28_03 artofclarity
You know... no matter how you look at it...
Is Uepi really angry or annoyed?

I think not! Just read that face~ it's like...

Junda-TameTabi2015.08.28_01 artofclarity

Then Uepi pokes... and Junno wiggles like 'Pillsbury'


So NO! Not angry, not annoyed...
It's like... flirtling 101

2015.08.28 TameTabi
gif (c) [ profile] art_of_clarity
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9uarters 2015 - AOL perf cr.微噠戀眸
I can just imagine him practicing for hours in front of the mirror~
~slowmotioned and fast-paced.
*siiiiigh* Why couldn't I have been that mirror?!

from: come Here Tour 2014: AOL perf
gif (c) 微噠戀眸
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*giggles* And Tatsuya now has two consecutive episodes of awkwardness ♡♡♡

I haven't seen this ep yet, but I think he and Maru are supposed to protect 'the princess' (ฅ^ω^ฅ)

and then these two!...

Junno & Tatsuya )

... any closer and they'll have to eat each other.

from: 2015.05.20 SCP
vine (c) @1004_mp
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lol These 4~ such Idiots arrowbut~ hey... kaos-panda15

Yeah, as I told a friend, I'm busy busy, broke broke but happy happy! )
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2015.04.15 SCP - @气气2232015.04.15 SCP - @梨苏苏
oh man~ I wish I had gifs for all the silly moments in this month's episode~ I kept laughing like a fool XD

And then Kame attacked with his naked collarbone in ♪In the Dark ~ hehe he's always going the extra sexy ^^ And ♪You Are Delicious was also performed lol, the title of this song always makes me laugh! It was great seeing them perform ♪Star Rider as well, because it's such a cool song and ♪SPLASH ~ so old, I didn't even know what to expect until they started singing *my bad* ><' but yeah, good stuff!

full medley

And of course, because JunDa is forever silly being JunDa <3

From: 2015.04.15 Shounen Club Premium
(c) videos aren't mine~ Thanks ^^
(c) gif: 气气223 & 梨苏苏
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I haven't even yet seen the show but Junno and Tatsuya gave me a belly full... like this splendid moment of chest bumping, laughter and fluffy feelings. Feelings so pink that my heart jumped and ran off on it's own.

I've been following Taikai TV since Tatsuya started to appear on it (more or less), and he's never been this smiley and excited especially when competing,  until... Junno.

he can't help but swing his arm like a happy penguin in water )


Mar. 22nd, 2015 02:21 pm
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Another year marking the beautiful existence of KAT-TUN and happily following behind as they continue to swirl my lil world with happiness like a cone of soft served ice-cream *yum yum*

and then this!

kat-tun quater tour 2015 logo

A pretty logo with a catchy curious name... just like KAT-TUN 。:°ஐ♡

So many things to be happy about and so many things to still look forward to ✧⁺⸜(●˙▾˙●)⸝⁺✧

On this day, their 9th year since debut~ おめでと〜⋆*✩✧̥⋆*
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This week's Shounen Club Premium was just perfect. The song arrangments and the instruments and the way they dressed and just wow! I wish all KT's releases could be as great as their Premium Shows.

And then there's JunDa... JunDa as seiyuu and JunDa pillowing against each other's backs while singing Perfect

... and how appropriete is that?

gif (c) ぼんさん
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WU 2015.04
sparkly eyes<--- me.

As I told a friend, Wink Up knows how to make a girl's heart pump
And as to the way Tatsuya is looking at Junno, and the way Junno 'knowingly' plays along his 'guess who' game, with tie already loose - makes a girl's heart pump and flutters and her cheeks glow flush

JunDa just perfectly ended my day

wink up 2015.04 (?)


Feb. 2nd, 2015 06:30 pm
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...and then we all awoke or came home to details of Kiss Kiss Kiss

I laughed when a friend texted to me say, "I still haven't even received my CDs (Dead or Alive) and they've announced the release date of the 24th single". XD ~

Release date: March 11, 2015

And no complaints. Of course!


Flipping tables that I won't get a JunDa duet aside, and focusing on the bigger picture (can't believe I just said this), I very much like this idea of having duets ^^

I think I can expect something good and vibesy and energetic from Junno x Nakamaru. However, I can't imagine how Kame x Ueda will fare. But! because it's Ueda, and I know he has good skills in musical arrangement, I'm looking forward to this release of theirs. I'm also very happy that it seems we'll get a DVD for these songs as well XD

Well I said 'no complaints' but except one... how many posters does JE intend to give as 'bonus gifts'? I still don't know what to do with the DoA posters and really, I'm over posters... I don't want anymore. Can't their marketing team figure out another 'cheap' way to get sales?!

And with that said... Happy Monday! I'm counting down to Second Love
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20150129 Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai - 320150129 Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai - 2
20150129 Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai20150129 Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai - 1
It feels like forever since I've properly fangirl~ what the hell RL?!!! But yeah, I have so much Kame to catch up on this weekend! And what had me laughing so far was Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai. Adding to Kame being practically naked with his bareback and hipline tease, I really LOL-ed watching the cameraman filming him while he showered. He was so tuned in wanting to get every bit of Kame which totally looks like the dream of many fangirlsヾ(´ε`○)

And still on the Kame topic )
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anan and ~
this amazing sort of sexy, is almost unfair ♡  *swoons*
bigger sizes anan and tvguide(?)

sources: here & here
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come here countdown

Kame was like the Energizer bunny – he just kept going and going and going with his hips loose and his crotch having no concept of proper behaviour. He was erotic both nights and yes he messed up a few lines that made the whole dome giggle.

Junno as himself, all bouncy trying his best to wave to everyone in front of him and very calculating, he was… he wore that pair of tight white pants again that just commanded your attention that once you set eyes on those long dancing legs and tight ass, you can’t look away. You could really feel his energy and that he was happy to be with us.

Maru was himself as well. He joked with the crowd quite a bit especially during his beatbox corner. This time he chose a 9 year old (30th) and a 14 year old (31st) which made me wonder if he had spotted them in the crowd beforehand. In both instances, he reprimanded (in a jestingly manner) the mothers for wanting to say the clip insert – the message to KAT-TUN into his beatbox machine thingy ~ and as always, it’s really incredible how skilled he is in mixing tunes with his beatbox. The first message was, "KAT-TUN Daisuki" and the second message "From here on too, 4nin do your best/good luck". Kame followed up at the end of the song that followed replying, "4nin will do their (our) best" ;-)

And Tatsuya was just wild and sadistic. When you see his solo on the DvD then you’ll understand… though I guess you already know this. After the countdown minutes when it’s his turn to give a message, he did the ‘Iriguchi Deguchi, Taguchi desu’ and I was just dying with JunDa feels~…

come Here Countdown Concert 2014-2015 – Kyocera Dome – December 30th and 31st.

Take a read~ )
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20141227 Samaazu no Utafuri - lovers

and then... the New Year came three days earlier...
This world of endless nights, THIS calm before THE storm

20141227 Samaazu no Utafuri 2

the sway, the eyes, the lips, nails and the cheekbones

20141227 Samaazu no Utafuri 1

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

20141227 Samaazu no Utafuri
gifs (c) 啦啦__LOVERS & 燈籠章魚
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- New KAT-TUN single ♪Dead or Alive
- New Kame drama ~ 'Second Love' (and I hope this drama will be a sexy one)
- and what we thought may never come... Kame's solo!!!!! ♪Hanasanaide Ai

Lots of goodies in one day ˉ້̞̭͡ ໋͈ ૈ ૂ ੭͜ ້͡ ໋͈ ૈ˄̻ ̊

The start of 2015 sounds like it'll be lots of fun and entertainment *dances around on tiptoes*

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