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I reacted like Courage when I saw these tweets~

Johnny's All Stars Island today (12.7)

It's like, I'd hoped things would happen soon, like next year soon but I was still sceptical~ but with this, whatever tiny hope I had just mega jumped into me getting ready by thinking, "Time to start saving for KAT-TUN".

and really, that last tweet~ Junno is loved!

And if that's not enough happiness, then how about an official announcement of Tatsuya's drama?

"Shikaku Tantei Higure Tabibito" (Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi) will start on January 22, 2017~ Sundays @ 10:30.

The crazy eyes are back!

ueda drama 1

And who wants to be that yellow tank top hugging those muscles?

ueda drama 2

2017~ I'm looking forward to things!

Thx irisyui @ twitter here & here & here
Ueda's screencaps from this clip
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Tokyo Dome 10Ks 3
Just outside the Tokyo Dome, there's a roller coaster. As you walk towards the Dome, you can hear people screaming their lungs out as well as the roller coaster making this thunderous noise~ to any listener it sounded scary but at the same time, folks on the roller coaster were having the time of a lifetime.

It's the thrill.

KAT-TUN Tour "10Ks" in Tokyo Dome: May 01, 2016 @ 6pm, was like a dozen roller coaster rides.

Tokyo Dome 10Ks 2
When some friends told me how different the Tokyo Dome concerts on April 29th & 30th were to Osaka and Nagoya, I could hardly contain my excitement for May 1st ~ I knew what was coming but I couldn't help it (roller coaster) and it didn't disappoint: fire, water, the lighting and explosions... but perhaps the biggest upbeat of all was how KAT-TUN and HYPHENS were on fire.

As usual, I'm writing this report based on my incoherent memory~ so I've added some videos and drawings... and do forgive the typos.

even before the concert started, HYPHENS had their penlights ready and started to chant the KAT-TUN *clap clap* - )

Tokyo Dome 7

WE ARE KAT-TUN! always and forever...
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MS2016.03_25 cr. itz_menos
Rewatching this performance is good and bad for my heart. And it's strange saying this after being a fan for all this time but, apart from the really good 2014.04.16 rearrangement and performance they did on Shounen Club Premium, this MS perf is the first time I've actually appreciated Real Face ~ a bit too lateかな。。。

Anyway, Happy Sunday! I still haven't seen Tatsuya's great run on last evening's All Star~ but that's something to look forward to ノノ`∀´

from: 2016.03. 25 Music Station
gif.(c) [ profile] itz_menos
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I blinked. I screamed. And then it ended. KAT-TUN should really have a concert every month!

10Ks concert report ~ Nagoya Dome (April 3rd, 2016 @4:00pm)

In which KAT-TUN are pirates and Nakamaru can't tell his uchiwa apart by year because they all look similar (even though he chose them himself) - and then the moment with Ueda laughing while 'blaming' Junno for them showing up 1 member less, and Kame is a narcissist - nothing new lol

This is pretty incoherent. My apology in advance. Also spoiler Alert!

hands held high, everyone loudly shouted, "WE ARE KAT-TUN"! grinning profusely as a heap of gold confetti fall from the sky. )
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Tonight's Music Station appearance/performance caused enough tears for sea level rise. I think I'll need to watch it a few more times to get used to, and eventually get over these feels.

Ueda's tears!!!


And Junno teasing Ueda about crying ~ while it's--- hmmm, I...

I wish Junno hadn't said that~ It's like someone asking you, 'what's the problem?' when the problem is that very someone. It's awkward. And while Ueda laughed *my JunDa beams*, Nakamaru suddenly got serious.

And that's because; those tears aren't just 'crying'.

It's strange... why is it that now everything is finally official and done, that reality seems unreal?

from: 2016.03.25 Music Station
gif (c) [ profile] itz_menos
vine (c) risa and sai
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SCP-2015.11.18_KT-Cheers1 art
I've only known them for 6 years, but I feel like these guys have been a part of my life since the beginning. I sometimes wonder what I used to do before that day I stumbled upon them (still a mystery lol). And even though I keep losing them one by one... first Koki and soon Junno~ KAT-TUN has always, and I believe will always, hold a special place in my heart.

sparkleHappy 10th Anniversary!sparkle ~ ♥LᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤNow and Forever~

I wonder how the four...or three of you are celebrating this milestone?!

from: 2015.11.18 Shounen Club Premium
gif (c) [ profile] art_of_clarity
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This vine clip... everything about it~ but even moreso with the clock going crazy, I think it perfectly captures people's feelings with what's about to come~ it's almost spring.

Buuuuuut on a happier note, the MV is wicked! A link to the short version.

I can't wait for the full version!!!

vine (c) yukari
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Is it safe to say we'll have an awesome MV for 「TRAGEDY」? I think it is ^^

Let the Countdown begin!!!

And happy watching Lord Yamaneko later!

from: 2016.01.22 Zip
(c) harurun
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I love the covers like WOW! The outfits, the poses and expressions, and the colours... though, I can't help but still laugh at the, 'Tragedy' name

The real tragedy though, would be if they get a shitty MV *fingers crossed for good stuff*

(c) jnet
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Friday's episode of Tame Tabi is happiness!!!

So many things make you want to do a group hug with them... the way they are dressed, the lyrics of their Tako song, watching the four of them singing this silly song combined with the way they are dressed and singing while riding a bicycle to how much they are seriously into this bizarre getup *giggle*~ boys will boys ^^

The song starts at about 5:19mins~

It's so catchy that if KAT-TUN released this as a single, I would buy it ^^" A nice person shared the mp3 here

And can I just say how this artwork perfectly captured their personalities?!

Junno all bubbled in happiness, Tatsuya looking all mischievous and cheeky, Kame in his flirting 'I'm-pretty-and-you-can't-resist-me mode', and Nakamaru is all... well being Nakamaru, not high or low tensioned lol

This is all just great *folds myself in happiness*

from: 2015.12.11 Tame Tabi
vid (c) harurun@youtube
artist (c) nori
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To think they made Rolling Stone's "50 Greatest Boy Band Songs of all time". *cakes and confetti*

And even though ♪Real Face♪ isn't a song I take much to, I'm just happy KAT-TUN made the list alongside all those far bigger and more famous bands!

I'm doing well by following these guys XD

gif (c) don't know. not mine!
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Angry John
oh man~ this was me earlier after getting that email that basically said, "GUESS WHAT? YOU WON... Oops not really... but you do get a wallpaper and an online video to make you feel better".

Well not that I expected any luck ><;

Anyway, the wallpaper here; KISSx3 or here
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All I'm saying is that;

When Junno had watched the Art Of Life performance, he must have thought Tatsuya to be one sexy and should be almost naked beast ~ for him to have performed the AOL shuffle like that *rolls across the floor*

And apparently, Junno calls his mother, 'My Mother' lol

KAT-TUN 9uarter 2015 - May 9th & May 10th - Tokyo Dome

What else can I say, it was an amazing concert... )
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I kinda feel like I'm looking at something really pretty! ້͡ ໋͈ ૈ ૂ ੭͜ ້͡ ໋͈ ૈ˄̻ ̊

KAT-TUN wears colours and shiny well (〃ω〃)

And as for the tracklist; some interesting titles... like PHANTOM and KIRARITO and I lol-ed when a friend asked me if Junno/Maru's KIRARITO is a word XD. Seems like Kame/Ueda's ARIGATOU will be a ballad. I don't mind this. I really do like Ueda's ballads - I really like all his songs so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm really looking forward to the duets and couplings of this release... And Maru said to promote it on twitter LOL

Also!!!! this week's Shounen Club Premium was a fun watch (๑´∀`๑)♡
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Selling 2 tickets;
Date: December 30th.

Inbox me if interested to buy!
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- New KAT-TUN single ♪Dead or Alive
- New Kame drama ~ 'Second Love' (and I hope this drama will be a sexy one)
- and what we thought may never come... Kame's solo!!!!! ♪Hanasanaide Ai

Lots of goodies in one day ˉ້̞̭͡ ໋͈ ૈ ૂ ੭͜ ້͡ ໋͈ ૈ˄̻ ̊

The start of 2015 sounds like it'll be lots of fun and entertainment *dances around on tiptoes*
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You know how sometimes you wake up knowing you had a good dream but can't remember the dream... you just have this amazing happy feeling? Well, that's how I feel after every KAT-TUN event I've been to! And so with that said, this is more like a flailing post than an actual fan report.

Yokohama Arena: 26 July 2014 @1pm

come Here~ )
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come Here.
Before today's Shuichi, I hadn't noticed that Come Here is actually written as 'come Here'... *facepalm at my very poor observation skills*.

The 'H' meaning:

---> Hachi (8th) album
---> Home; and

I think how they actually thought about these 'lil' things, is the cutest thing ever. Got to feel loved as HYPHENS ♡ ♡ ♡

Have a Happy Week! (^_-)-☆
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roll on the floor 3
Well it's a Happy Weekend and a VERY HAPPY Friday! (੭ु´・ω・`)੭ु⁾⁾

Come Here tracklist and covers are out ~ I strangely like the bright covers~ I like the playful and lively vibes they give. Super happy that Kame wrote his own lyrics but a bit %*#& that Ueda didn't write his ><

and then Music Station!!!!!!! (vid cr. Ichigohachini) Nothing like having KAT-TUN on TV after a long week *_______*

And then also!!!! KAT-TUN is still leading the Oricon chart for In Fact ʚෆ⃛ɞ(˘ᵋॢ ˘♡)˚₊·
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roll on the floor 2
Please allow me the pleasure to roll on the floor from KAT-TUN's AWESOMENESS on tonight's Shounen Club Premium!!!!!

♪In Fact & ♪4U

And as to where JunDa and Uepi's nipples are concerned... nothing less but a separate post will do ❣❣ ∑(๑º口º๑) ミ

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